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Offers as loyal customers

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I have been a loyal customer for fido for almost 3 years and having 3 line with data package plans.

Yesterday I updated one of the plans to 15GB at $45 per month and noticed that I was paying $60 for the same package for my other line that I had 3 years ago.

Called fido trying to understand how I am paying 2 different amounts for the same service recieved by the same service provider. Fido representative explained that these offers are for sellected numbers and I was shocked when he told me that if I am a new customer I will always get a better offers from fido.


This is how fido is treating their loyal customers .... so dissatisfied and disappointed with such service and I strongly recommend don't go with fido but look for other service providers who treat their loyal customers respectfuly.



Hello @Ammarkahia,


Welcome to the community!


I definitely understand where you're coming from and we want everyone to feel like they're getting what they need.


Our system can tag different plans on certain lines and it wouldn't necessarily follow across the account that they're on. Plans and offers can vary across an entire account even if the account has been active for quite some time. 


Make sure to keep an eye on your online profile as offers can change quite frequently.