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Fido not honouring referral credit

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

So a friend referred me and I signed up back in August. He and I both went through all the steps and finished the referral process and we both got a confirmation email.

Fast forward 3+ months, we still haven't got our credit. My friend got sick of it and given the offers other carriers were giving on Black Friday he decided to leave Fido (good for him!). I'm stuck for now but I want to get the 1 month credit. We tried contacting customer support multiple times but they were just playing with us, asking us to provide this info and that info, ALL of which should be stored and accessible on the company's DB using only me and my friend's phone numbers (and emails)!


But no, that's not enough! They know our account details, but still want our activation date and screenshot of bill!!!! I'm guessing that the next thing they're going to ask for is a photo of us standing next to each other, to prove that we are friends!! It's a very good tactic, getting your customer tired to the extent they eventually give up and let go .


At this point, please advise why I should recommend or refer anyone to Fido?


Image of conversations attached.










Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there! We're sorry to see you are experiencing this. We can assure you the information required is simply in order to have everything in hand to be able to validate the request and escalate it to the correct department need be. Please reach out to us via any method you prefer in order to look into this and complete it if not already done. You can reach out here