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Offered 20gb for $30/mon but "Get this offer" button causes error

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3



When logging into Fido My Account, the subject "special" and "loyal customer" offer splash screen appears, however, when clicking the "Get this offer" button, a page showing "SORRY, SOMETHING WENT WRONG" appears.


I called 611 to inquire about changing to this plan, and after 2 hours 20 min, the supervisor advised that a member of the "back office" would call me, and would have further instructions on how to receive a screenshot of the aforementioned offer.


5 mins after getting off the phone with the agent, I received a callback from another agent who advised I upload the screenshots through ASKJACK.  After trying to do so, ASKJACK went to a live agent chat session who advised that I upload through Fido's Instagram or Facebook site.  Those suggestions don't sound useful.


Perhaps the live chat agent meant to upload the screenshots through this forum, so I have enclosed them.


I'm not sure if Fido personnel monitor or respond to these forum posts, but if so, please contact me so we can close the loop on this issue.






I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Hi @FidoVan,


Is there another way to get "official" assistance to "get this offer" as advertised?


It seems overkill to require a social media presence (Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, which we don't have) to simply report that the "Get this offer" button errors out when trying to accept a promotional offer that pops up when one goes to their My Fido online account.


As mentioned previously, I've tried a 611 live agent, then ASKJACK (both automated agent and human agent), and this forum to no avail.


Thanks in advance for any pointers.



Hey @GuyFromIpanemo1 Smiley

We understand where you're coming from. 
However, when it comes to sending screenshots, it's best to contact us via our social media pages, as we can receive images on these platforms and we can also access your account securely to help with your request.


As much as we'd love to assist you directly here, we do need access to your account to help you as best we can and look into the situation further. 

Hope this clarifies! 


Hi there @GuyFromIpanemo1,


Although we do monitor the forums and threads to make sure everything goes well, we do not officially provide assistance here. Please reach us out in private on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram if that wasn't done yet and we'll be happy to provide you assistance there, thank you.

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Thanks FidoVan, FidoValerie for your responses.

I managed to mail the screenshots for the aformentioned "get this offer" promotion through a Twitter "conversation" with 2 different agents over about 90 minutes (not continuous chat, rather delayed/disjoint texting style chat).

I still wasn't able to change to the aformentioned advertised plan as I had wished to.

Today, there is a new "just for you" offer when I log into  40 GB for $53 which is more expensive.

I'm thoroughly frustrated and disappointed with the entire Fido experience related to simply attempting to accept a promotional advertised discount targetted to me. 


I will now disengage from seeking further support and file a complaint with the Competition Bureau of Canada.

As outlined above, from my perspective, Fido/Rogers is using misleading representations and deceptive marketing practices to advertise a plan for 20Gb for $30 month that is not actually attainable. 

This seems a clear cut case of contravening section 74.04 of the Competition Act:  Bait and switch selling is when a product is advertised at a “bargain price” but the product is not available for sale in reasonable quantities.




Thanks for the update @GuyFromIpanemo1 


To better assist you, we'd like to ask you few more questions. Can you please confirm how many lines do you have on your account?


It's important to note that exclusif offers are targeted to each customer (Fido number). meaning that you may receive different offers for different lines on your account. That being said, when you click on "Get This Offer" you should be redirected and it should specify to which number this offer is available for. However, if you are trying to add this offer to a number which is not targeted, the plan won't be available and it won't work.


Hope this helps!

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Hello FidoSaad,

There are 2 lines on my account.

The promotion screen popped up whenever I logged in with my personal phone number profile; there was no indication on that screen of the promotion being tagged to one or the other phone number (see screenshots above).





I'm sorrry to learn about your experience. From there, we would be happy to verify the best available options for you. We always work on new promotions and we can make sure to offer you the best avaialble.


You can find all the ways to reach us here.

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Hello FidoKenny,

Thank you for your response, but I have tried "...the ways to reach us here..." to no avail and at an unreasonable expense of time.


In any case, in addition to filing a complaint with the Competition Bureau of Canada, I will discuss with my federal Member of Parliament the benefits of allowing more competition, including foreign, in the Canadian telecom sector.   


From my perspective, it appears that:


1.  Fido/Rogers does not take seriously it's responsibilities when it advertises promotional products, and

2.  Has designed an overall support system to thwart customers' legitimate concerns, and put the onus on them to wage a war of attrition with Fido/Rogers through disjoint support channels that often times end up with the customer giving up and accepting poor service.


Real competition could help remedy this unfortunate state of affairs.