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Nothing but problems with My data.

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

Last month i had the pleasure of losing databytes, but this month the fun has switched to my regular data plan and top ups.


I have an Lg G6.


A couple of days ago i received a message that i was using 90 percent of my data.  I obviously topped up since i can't Afford overages. I am on ODSP for serous health problems.  


Things went well.   The data went through a couple of hours later.  So i had about 3gb left until the 24 of the month and i could always buy more if i need to.   My typical average bill is about $150.  And i have been with you guys for over 5 years.   


Just recently i decided to check my usage.  Well the indicator said 40 MB over.  I was furious because because I didn't receive a single notification about going over.  Obviously if i received a notice i would have bought more data.  So I chatted with Fido on Facebook to reverse the charges otherwise i won't be paying my $270 due at the End and will also switch providers to someone who doesn't play these games.  While i was talking to them my data went back up to 2.3 gb but 12 hours late.  And then a few minutes later it says 50 MB over but realtime.


  • Then once again it went back to 2.3 gb but 12 hours delayed.  Obviously this makes no sense, if i was over 12 hours ago i should also be over now.  This is so frustrating !!   To not know, whether I am really over, or not.  I told Fido Facebook just reverse the 50 mb so i can buy more.  Because that was a Fido glitch not my fault . Same thing like when my databytes wasn't working.   Fido said they can't reverse overage.  That is fine then give me 2 gb free overage. Because i should have NEVER been using OVERAGE.  The system should of sold me more data.  Well...... if you can't figure this out, I am out of here.  I will use the 270 i owe you as a payment for my next phone.  Also fido Facebook stopped responding.     Mario

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @TheLuckyMan!


Do you still need help with this or were you able to get everything sorted out with a rep on Facebook Messenger?


Let us know! 


Hello @TheLuckyMan,


If you are spending and average of $150 a month it might be best for you to reevaluate the plan you have. 


What dosen't make sense is you said the data tracker showed you had 2.3gb with 12 hours delay but at one point you were over by 50mb in real time. First you should try to figure out why your data is not being tracked consistently.


What type of plan do you have? 

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1
  1. That is correct the data tracker is messed up.  First, my phone was telling me that i had. 2.3 gb left (delayed by 12 hours)  and then an hour later it tells me  have gone over by 50 mb in real time.  Then I called to complain and they told me not too worry, because i still have 2.3 gb.


But i told them, obviously that is incorrect, because i couldn't buy more data. Then later, after to speaking to them, my phone again showed 50 mg wasted in real time.  So obviously something is wrong.  I also had problems with databytes which seems to have been fixed.  But this time I get that cynical feeling that this will never be fixed, or that maybe it's too complex, so they have given up.   I guess at the end of day, I'm the sucker stuck with the insane Bill.  

Hey @TheLuckyMan!


We haven't heard back from you. 


We're here if you still need help with this!

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

Things are not going to well.  My car broke down and needs a new alternator. About $350 and still waiting.  I just noticed that my data during the screw up is $375. Obviously that is the part which i need help with.  I had a heart transplant 18 years ago and my health is not what it used to be.  I am just surving off government assistance.  Too add insult to injury RBC took 350 from account but I do owe them 18k but i told them i will never be able to pay it back. But i also don't want to declare bankruptcy. I wish i could afford home wifi but i just can't afford it right now.

We'll be happy to access your account to see what can be done to help @TheLuckyMan.


You'll receive a PM shortly. 

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

Haven't received that pm.  Whenever I get notifications of almost going over (and I buy data) it usually ends up costing me from $30 to $60 in overages because the overage rate Is MUCH cheaper when your data hasn't gone over.  I am broke, but $30 to $60 is much easier to pay than $370.  Thanks. Mario

That's strange, I see it was sent on Saturday - just sent it again! 


Talk soon @TheLuckyMan

Hey @TheLuckyMan,


We can definitely understand how you could be feeling this way and that's definitely not what we want. 


It important to note that, if you had made changes to your account within your cycle, it can affect the functioning of the data tracker. You can always dial *3337 to get your usage with a 12 hour delay.


Could you give that a try and let us know what it says?



I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

Yes the tracker is obviously messed up.  But Fido said they don't guarantee the accuracy of the tracker and the consumer is responsible for checking their data every 5 minutes to check and make sure they haven't gone over.  I did check my data every 5 minutes and it was telling me that still had 2 3 gb.  But i went to buy more data which i always do (i wasn't able to because it says i went over).  That is when i contacted Fido, on Facebook, and explained my situation.  One of the techs, said they would add 2 gb for me, but later realized it's impossible since i already went over.  They know I owe $270 and offered 25 dollars discount for my trouble.  However this won't cut it since I now probably owe about 200 on my next bill because i am at 2 gb over.  The people I have spoken to say they can't help me much, because I already have been helped when this happpened in the past. However in the past, you were Not able to keep  buying data, when its About to go over. So i would say the accuracy of the tracker is more important now. 


Fido did say they would give me a 2gb bonus on my next bill.  I would have preferred to have that this month.


I have a 15 gb plan for $85.  I always seem to go over because i don't have a hotspot at Home.  I now realize I should of got the Fido home internet when it was 35 dollars.  Do you think Fido will eat up my big bill,  If i sign up for internet?  Unfortunately it's now $45.  The price it goes up to after is quite high.  Do they allow cancellation or is this contract?  I am also thinking of sharing the internet with someone else to reduce the cost.  One of the tenants in my building has Rogers cable. Maybe we get the internet from Rogers and share the cost.  But i think Rogers is more expensive. 

Hey @TheLuckyMan


I can understand how unexpected that invoice can be. 


The data can be tracked on the app or on and the information is updated either in real time or every 12 hours. 


That information would be mentioned on the data tracker. 


Also keep in mind that you should be receiving notifications when reaching 90% and 100% of the total usage offered in your plan. 


After going over, the following notification is sent when you reach $50 of overage which is also when the data is blocked. 


Do you remember receiving those text messages? 


Having a home internet service would definitely be a good idea. 


You can check out all the details regarding our home internet service here


Our home internet does not offer an agreement. It is a month to month service which means that there is no cancellation fee. 


Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance with this. We can also send you a PM on here if you prefer. 


Let us know!