No Network in India

No Network in India

No Network in India

I'm a Participant Level 2

No Network in India



It's been a week since I landed here and my Fido sim is not able to connect to any of the local networks.


Date of issue: Since 04/Aug/2021

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 9


Things tried so far without success:

  1. Speaking with Fido Chat Support to confirm if there is any roaming block for this number/account- none found
  2. Using SIM Slot 1 for Fido, enabling Data Roaming Setting in settings 
  3. Resetting Network Connection Settings
  4. Restarting the device
  5. Trying another device just with the Fido SIM in Slot 1 and no other SIM in 2nd Slot
  6. Manually trying to select each of the local network shown

Observation: When trying to select local networks manually I get the following error:



Click here
Your SIM card doesn't allow a connection to this network. 


Exception to this are Vodafone IN and JIO, for which I get a different error message:



Click here
Unable to connect. Try later.


Screenshots for these network errors are attached. 


I am unable to do internet banking because I can't access my SMS, which is all I need at this point.


Can someone please help resolve this as it's urgent for my internet banking needs? 


Thanks in advance.


Hey @sid_heart,


I'm sad to learn you're having trouble while roaming and it seems like you've tried pretty much everything on your end already. 


I just have a quick question. You mentioned the following: " Using SIM Slot 1 for Fido" and " Trying another device just with the Fido SIM in Slot 1 and no other SIM in 2nd Slot" Did you make sure at the same time that the Fido number was selected as the primary number in your phone's settings? 


Let us know and we'll take it from there. We might need to send you a PM here on the community and also check in with our technical support, so keep us posted.

I'm a Participant Level 2

Yes, as per the options available in settings, I had selected SIM1 for voice, text and data. 

Thank you for letting us know! It's definitely a bit odd.


Were you able to contact our technical support to flag this?


Feel free to send us a private message @FidoSolutions and we'd be happy to look into this with you.

I'm a Participant Level 1

I am having similar issue. Is there any solution?

I'm a Participant Level 2

No. After multiple follow ups and raising 2 different technical support tickets with Rogers (parent company of Fido), following is what I got:


Airtel (Roger's roaming partner in India) is having issues in registering non-Fido phone IMEI with a Fido SIM, on their network.


Hope this helps.