No Data on my Phone!

I'm a Participant Level 1 jamrock801
I'm a Participant Level 1

No Data on my Phone!

Hi the Data on my phone has not been working since Monday. I have spent hours trying to get through to customer service. It appears your call centre must be closed for the holidays becasue the line either hangs up on you immediatley or keeps you on hold for four litteraly FOUR Hours and then hangs up on you. I've called probably 20 times since Monday with out getting through!


I've gone to your stores twice spoken to your reps, they've swapped my SIM Card checked my settings and told me to call or use your support feature on your website. 


I then just spent the last hour waiting to chat to someone on the live support chat only to have it time out on me after an hour and tell me to try again!!!


I want my Data fixed today or I swear the next time I speak to someone at Fido it will be to cancel this line and the FOUR other lines I have on my account !!!!

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Re: No Data on my Phone!

Hi @jamrock801,


We have been receiving a high volume of requests across all channels which may explain why you have been having a hard time getting through. Truly sorry about the trouble Sad


Let me send you a PM to check things out. 

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