No Answer from Credit Operation Department/ Fraud Department

No Answer from Credit Operation Department/ Fraud Department

No Answer from Credit Operation Department/ Fraud Department

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No Answer from Credit Operation Department/ Fraud Department

To Whom May Concern, 


I am a loyal customer who has been with Fido for almost 10 years, never been late for payment. However, I am really disappointment with your credit operation team on dealing with my current challenges.


Recently, I tried to apply my mortgage through the bank. However, i was informed by the bank there is an additional Fido account on my credit file and went to collection, which negatively affects my credit score. This account is not mine and it is the first time I have heard about this account and no communication from Fido before it went to collection. 


I reached out to your credit team 5 times (since Oct 23rd) and hope your team could help me to fix the issue in a timely miners since my mortgage will have to be renewed by end of November.  My first call was on oct 23,2020. The representative-- Sean helped me to look into this fraudulent fido account. He provided the reference number ---I1566734338. He told me to wait for 72 hours, and the credit operation department will contact me. After 72 hours, I called in to follow up. The representative named Sudeeba told me there was no investigation request to correct my account, nothing has been done regarding this issue. She recorded my request and create an another investigation -- reference number is I1569057203. She told me the fraud department will look into my request and advise me to wait 3- 5 business days. I trusted the customer service rep again and wait patiently for another 72 hours.


Oct 30th, I called in again for follow-up. Again, nothing has been processed yet! The rep kept creating investigation request for me and asking me to wait for 3-5 business days. Then I got my 3rd reference number i1572974964. On Nov 5th, I called your team, to follow up this issue again. I got another reference number C160386577. 


I understand it takes time to look into the account and I respect your procedures. However, I do not understand why each time I called in has to restart my request? Do you really care about your customer's concerns and challenges they have? Do you know I have been stressed out since I am unable to apply my mortgage? I clearly communicated to your team about my situation and no one seems really care. I am really disappointed about your action. No answers, no communications back, and no explanations. I really hope no one else will go through what I have experienced. This is an unpleasant and frustrated experience I ever had with Fido. 


Hope someone from Fido can read this and can reach out me to solve this issue. 



Your loyal customer  


Hey @GHJ2,


I'm sorry to learn about your latest experiences with us. We can certainly understand your sentiment in this regard.


We'd love nothing more but to get this resolved for you as quickly as possible. We'll send you a PM so we can continue. 


Talk to you soon!