New to Fido?

New to Fido?

Hey everyone,


Welcome to Fido! Your one stop shop to everything awesome! Now let’s get you hooked up.


Here’s some important info to read over (seriously, read it, it’s probably important).


Fido Payment Program - click here for the FAQs.


Your first Fido bill

You’ll see prorated charges on your first bill.


Porting in your phone number?

My Account and Online Billing

  • We’ll send you an email to register for My Account on soon. To complete your registration, click on the link in the email within 5 days.
  • You’ll get your first bill through Fido My Account if you registered for online billing. If you didn't register for online billing, you'll get your first bill by mail.
  • To view / monitor your usage, you can log into your My Account from your device or on
  • Not registered to Online Billing? You can still go to and register to My Account to manage your account online and view/monitor your usage.

Brought your own phone to Fido?

If you did not order a phone with the Fido Payment Program at the time of activation, you won’t be eligible to finance a device for the first 90 days. You will only be able to buy a device at full price. Want to set up your device? Click here for Fido’s APN settings.


If you also subscribe to these services you may want to have a look at:


Fido Home Phone

  • The Fido WHP device uses a specific SIM card that is provided with the device.
  • Simply connect your own home phone to the device to make it work.
  • Eligible Fido Mobile postpaid customers (Aka, monthly customers) get exclusive pricing on Fido Home Phone services. If you ever decide to cancel your mobile service, the price of your home phone service will change.

If you have any questions at any point, don’t hesitate to search or ask the Community