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Need advice- how do I get a manager to speak to me?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

For the first time ever I recently took out a contract in a store because I was promised a good deal on the device. I spoke to Fido during the process from the store, and I was assured that various credits would be applied on my first bill. I was also told by Fido during a call that I'd have 30 days to make changes to my contract. When the first will came I was gob smacked and I've been trying to sort it out since which is challenging because of the way the ask jack call back optionnworks. To be honest, had I realized I'd have to use that to speak to a human I'd have gone with another carrier. 

im now at about 29 days from my contract signature, have been told that I can't cancel the contract and every time I call and try to fix something on the bill or get clarification about the feature they added or took away and what it did or didn't include my bill gets more screwed up. I spent all day yesterday trying to straighten in out and thought it was. I called spoke to someone tonight and after that call for a change in my bill that took away a previously given discount. I am pretty sure I will need the ombudsman and I know I need to speak to a manager first but when I asked earlier tonight to speak to a manager the agent accused me of threatening him (and then removed a discount from my bill for Jo apparent reason). 

is there an expedient way tk get through to a manager?  I just want someone tk explain my bill tk me and all the changes that have been made and make sure I ended up with the features I was told I was getting and so far this had not happened and I my efforts to sort it out seem tk be her with more charges. Any advice? It's bad enough I didn't get what I was promised with the device, that no one seems to be able to retrieve the offer I was given and that the wrong international calling package was added to my account, but all this aggregation has been made worse by my inability to have a  conversation with someone who can go through the history of changes made and tell me what my monthly bill will be. Surely having my bill with explained to me by a manager is a reasonable request. Any advice?


I'm a contributor level 3
I'm a contributor level 3

Try your luck! I have spent numerous hours looking for a manager recently but to no avail! I have recordings for 3 hours of listening to that annoying music but no one there to attend the phone call! I think agents are just busy at Ask Jack... LOL!

I advise you to reach out to the President's Office because I am going to do the same! Isn't it funny that front line support is making the President Office to do their job! LOL

Hey @ZeePee !


Sorry to hear about this. We're indeed busier than usual recently, but we definititely want to help. 


We're available to assist you via other platforms as well, so that you don't need to wait on hold. 

You can find them here


Hope to talk with you soon! 


Hello @Seeking_fairnes,


Welcome to the community!


Customer service agents would always try to solve any issues before having to get a manager involved but in your case, you will need to call them back and just asked to be transferred to a manager you can just politely say you want this issue to be escalated to a manager and if that does not work out then you can request your case be escalated to the office of the president.