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My 3GB data only plan is removed by fido?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I had a 3GB data only plan for few years now.  I received an account change confirmation email from fido stating that the original 3GB plan is removed and a "250MB data & text" plan is added.   Anyone has the same expereince ?  I never contact fido to make this change.  what is going on?




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Senior MVP

Hello Ivanho,


  Welcome to the Community!


  I understand you have had your data-only (technically Tablet or Hotspot) plan for a number of years. Do you also have a post-paid mobile plan as well? Technically, the Tablet and Hotspot plans are for eligible Fido post-paid mobile customers only (see here and here). While there have been instances where some customers were able to get those plans without a qualifying post-paid plan, others have openly guided people on Twitter and Reddit etc on how to fraudulently obtain one of those plans (ie signing up for post-paid mobile in order to get Tablet/Hotspot plan and later cancelling mobile services).


  If you don't have a post-paid mobile plan, it's likely you were transitioned from their Tablet/Hotspot plan to their Data-only plan. The Tablet and Hotspot plans are two of Fido's product offerings. They have always been intended for use with Tablets or Hotspots, respectively. They have also always been for eligible Fido post-paid mobile customers only. They can certainly decide to close any loopholes which may have been exploited (see here).


**edit** You might also consider removing the image as it does contain your personal information.**


Hope this helps 😀