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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am charged $99.60 as Third party and other Chargers in bill . We never do any purchase .I have no idea how come it charged.


I am with Fido 18 years . Fido should take it seriously .


I call Fido and they say contact bango. How come some third party can charge on behalf of Fido . What kind of security Fido have. They have no proper ans how this happened or on device how u can check. 


I send an email to bango , Let see. 😠  


I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

I've done research about bango and whenever I search bango, it comes up with someone complaining about cramming scam. Bango will ask you a lot of personal information that they can use to scam you further. Don't fall into the trap.

And even when you ask them to block 3rd party billing, you will see it coming each month.

The only way to stop it is to change the number and do a 3rd party block. 

Good morning @AD65 , that's not a good surprise to find extra charges that you weren't anticipating on your phone bill. So many apps are really good at deceiving you. Both Apple and Google play have been trying to purge deceptive apps for a long time now. The problem is, in app purchases for add on to games that may be on your phone, an app that does something like read a qr code and you get a pop up that you've just won a gift 🎁 and tells you to enter your mobile number and they've got you.  Once you willingly provide your mobile number to one of these apps you have given consent to be billed on your mobile invoice. Most times it's for absolutely nothing but to get your money on a monthly basis. 

The billings are not from your carrier,  in this instance Fido, they are from someone who you inadvertently gave permission to bill you on your mobile number. It's a horrible way to get scammed. You can take check the list of android apps for the ones that Google found in their playstore and have purged already and if you have any of them, delete them immediately. The list is a resource talking about malicious apps on an android device. I'm using android as an example. 

See HERE  for more info. 

Ultimately it is our responsibility to be aware of what is on our phones and who we give permissions to. I am so sorry this happened to you and hope you can get it resolved.