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Messaging errors

Good morning,  not sure if this will apply to everyone getting errors when sending texts. 

I was messaging back and forth with a friend yesterday and for no reason I could think of I got an error 2 saying message not sent. Try again. Message wouldn't go. 

So, I installed 2 other messaging apps from playstore and opened one up and composed a new message and it sent automatically. I uninstalled the Google messaging app and tried again and no love. Both other texting apps worked for the day. I am assuming that there's a bug in the app that doesn't play nice with something else on my phone so for now, until I figure it out, I'll keep 2 texting apps on my device. I also contacted the developer about the random failure. Hope that gives someone an option for texting when they receive the error message. 


Hi @FidoKenny , I have the stock messaging app for Samsung,  Textra and Google messages. I find that the latest version of Google messages to be the most reliable. It can be set to show  sent, delivered and read so you know that the recipient received it. Also, I'm pretty sure that using a more current SIM card helped immensely. 


Hey @Original_Lucy


Thanks for sharing this here on the Community.


I'm sure this will be super useful for many of our members here.


So we know, what are those other 2 messaging apps you installed?