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Lower plan and Device Balance

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



Currently my plan is 85 dollars a month at 10GB and due to the pandemic right now it makes no sense for me to be paying this much for data that I'm not going to use. I was looking into getting a lower monthly plan with little or no data but before I switch over it's asking that I pay off a one time fee which my device balance i'm assuming.


My question is this, after I pay off this device balance and have this new monthly plan, i'm not locked in with this new plan like a 2yr plan right? So I can go and upgrade my phone and get a new plan after this is all over and won't have to pay another exit fee? 





Hello @skylaropdam,


Welcome to the community!


Once you pay off the current device and switch to one of the new plans and later decide to get a new device you do not have to pay any fees because you will not be in a contract.


You should note that if you want to get a new device at a later date you will have to finance it through Fido's Payment Program you can learn more about that here.