Lost phone shipment !!!!

Lost phone shipment !!!!

Lost phone shipment !!!!

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Lost phone shipment !!!!

I've recently upgraded my phone and ordered the shipment online. I had no problems to wait for a couple a days before I realized Fido and UPS  totally gives a **bleep** to the customer satisfaction. I have had updated the address with Fido and despite that, the phone has been shipped to a wrong address twice. It is easy to ask the customer to call UPS and try to negotiate with them. Interestingly,  neither Fido or UPS listens and it is the customer (who apparently has no control over the shipment) who has to go back and forth wondering whats wrong. I've been a Fido customer for four years now, and it pains me to pull this thread up but the truth is its been a week and I've not received my phone. I am literally tired calling Fido so many times and they said they will get back to me but alas! This is not the first time an issue as such has occurred. Please do let your customers know that we can opt for Canada Post as well. I have no problems with the mistakes, errors in shipment or whatever but I have a problem with your professionalism. The UPS service made no efforts to contact me, even though they have all the details on earth to reach a place as common as downtown Toronto.

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This is literally what's happening to me right now, i called to get an update and they said to me it was delivered and i was like how am I supposed to know. But thank god i was at home the whole day however I didn't receive anything nor any courier droped by. This is just frustrating 

Hey @czytalento


Thank you for sharing your experience with us, it certainly is not what we want it to be. We totally understand how important it is for you to receive your new phone as soon as possible. 


Did you receive an email notification with the phone's tracking number on your side?


Can you also tell us a little bit about what were the steps taken by the agent on call once you told them that you hadn't received the phone yet?



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Hey @Shrestha91,


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Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. I'm really sorry to learn how poor your recent experience was when you upgraded your phone. Getting a new phone should be fun!


I can assure you that we have your satisfaction at heart. We definitely need to look into this with you and see how we can resolve the matter as soon as possible. 


I will send you a PM and we'll take it from here.


Talk to you soon!