Are customer services available?

Are customer services available?

Are customer services available?

I'm a Contributor Level 2

Are customer services available?



it's a Saturday. I've tried calling 611 to speak to a representative but they said they're not available.

Has there been changes to customer support since the covid?


I'd like to speak to a representative regarding returning a new phone because I can't afford the extra $15 a month.

I'm a Contributor Level 2

Hi again. I've tried calling Fido again and they tell me that the representatives are not able to help.


I only get their automated messages.


Is there a better way that I can contact a real representative by phone or email?


I have tried Facebook but that's a bot..


I don't want to pay for the phone they sent me ($15 a month for 2 years) and I'm willing to make a return of their phone. I need their free shipping slip. If any of you can help me resolve this problem, I'm more than grateful for that.


I'm starting to really lose faith in Fido and their customer service..

What number are you calling @Lune? You should be able to reach us at 1-888-481-3436.


Keep in mind that you can also reach out via Facebook. Just type in "chat with a rep" and follow the prompts so that our assistant can pass along the conversation to a Specialist. Try it out and let us know how it goes! 





Hey @Lune! Smiley 


We're definitely open on Saturdays, it does depend on what time you called though as support via phone on weekends is available from 9AM - 5PM.


Were you finally able to reach someone? 


You can check out our website for all the ways to contact us and business hours. If you still need help let us know and we can PM you here on the Community.