Long Distance Rates and Roam Rates

Long Distance Rates and Roam Rates

Long Distance Rates and Roam Rates

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Long Distance Rates and Roam Rates

Not happy about the recent move by Fido to first raise Roam, and now Long Distance rates... Canadians are already getting hosed when it comes to data, and here we see another shameless money grab. Is this why they call us hosers, because we are used to getting screwed and not caring or doing anything about it? Sure they include some small print notice on our bills, but I receive mine digitally and don't have time to log on and see what's new with Fido, I have a life. I mean, why would I have to comb through a bill every month when it should be pretty similar, if not exactly the same every month, that's why we are supposed to have plans right?  


I guess that's my point, here I have to be on guard for extra charges rather than for thee, oh Canada! I was blind sided with roam charges when I traveled to the US earlier this year, blind sided again today with ridiculous long distance charges... really? Ironically, the friend in the US I called recently incurring these charges told me he got a free iPhone10 with a whopping $40 US (non-contract) plan, unlimited US/Canadian calling and unlimited data; wow, and I pay $70 for Canadian calling only and 2 gigs of data? He should have called me instead, his cell phone company has his back!! My bill is almost $120 today, excuse my language but wtf?


It's 2018, an extra $50 on my Fido bill hurts, a surprise hit once again and time wasted figuring out why my plan is inadequate and what I did wrong ....again! Funny thing is, I have a home phone with free long distance d'oh!!!! My plan is up in December, must be over 20 years old, I cannot wait to close it. Time to give another provider a shot, I am personally sick of feeling like bad because I don't see changes and/or can't manage a phone account as well as I do my business or personal life lol.  


Fido, your roam rates are horrid, absolutely terrible if you are travelling for any length of time and need to talk/text/use your phone. Your long distance rates now make a land line look attractive and that hasn't happened since 1995. Oh, and don't get me started on Data, grrrrr. Great job, thank you so much, an awesome reward for my many years of loyalty Smiley  


Cheers, Marcello

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Hey @Marcello604


Welcome to the Community Smiley 


20 years, now that's loyalty! We definitely appreciate having you as a customer and we definitely don't want to see you go. 


Our goal is most certainly not for you to have surprises on your invoice and we try our best to make sure all changes to our rates are communicated in the most clear and efficient way. 


We'll be happy to take a look at your account and the charges to see how we can help and if we can find a plan that would work better for you. I'll send you a PM in just a moment. 


Chat soon!