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International billing charges

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1


i have an issue of my huge bill. they told me that i have made international calls that exceeds my limit of 1000 international minutes. But i did not get any notification regarding this even just surprised with my phone bill that is of $ 733. Now, today is my payment due date. But i am not able to pay my bill because i can't afford this amount. I had talked to the customer service representatives more than 4-5 times but did not get any help from them they transferred my call to the supervisor she told me to talk to the credit department and gave me the number.Then i tried to make call but that number did not worked. They suggest me to go to live chat where i am know. I need help in reducing my bill if somebody can help. I want to talk to the manager.


Hoping to get response from manager.



Hello @BS6


Getting an unexpected bill is not fun for anybody. 


For those plans which includes international calls, you don't get a notification for those minutes.

To go over your bill, we will need to access your account. To contact us, you can reach us through our channels here.