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I want roaming deactivated!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am travelling abroad. The moment I opened my phone, I received a text message saying FIdo roam has been activated and I will be charged $14 per day. I never asked for it and I don't need it!! I switched the SIM off - as I have a dual sim phone - but it doesn't seem that this is it. They will probably keep charging me everyday without me requesting or using the service. What's annoying is that you cannot deactivate it online, Fido app on the phone doesn't work now and it seems the only way is to go on the online chat, which is extremely hard with a 9 hour difference and the fact that i need to do it from a computer.


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I have a dual sim and got an esim for travel. Turned off my fido sim card before departure. Land and turn on my esim and go about my business. Get an email that I'm on fido roam and will be charged? Wth...


Was trying to avoid having to pull my sim out but now I'm paranoid so I'm just going to have to do that. 







Hello Lutenihon,


  Welcome to the community!


  Firstly, you should note that simply receiving the Fido Roam Welcome text or that email notification does not necessarily mean you have already incurred Fido Roam charge. It only notifies that your device had connected to a foreign network (see here).


  I understand you might have disabled your Fido SIM. However, do you know how your particular device behaves with regards to dual-SIM functionality? Unfortunately, there are no standards on how dual-SIM devices are supposed to function. If you received that roaming email notification, your Fido SIM card connected to a foreign network. Fido wouldn't even know you were outside of Canada unless the SIM connected to that network. If that is the case, perhaps those settings don't behave like you thought they did.


  If your device is dual-active, there might be a separate Airplane or flight mode for each SIM. However, it is dual-standby or eSIM, Airplane or Flight mode would not be useful. As you note, the other option would be to remove your Fido SIM. I understand the whole point of dual-SIM devices is that swapping or removing SIM cards shouldn't be necessary. However, you would need to know how your device behaves with its particular multi-SIM settings.


  If you would like to opt-out of Fido Roam, you would need to contact customer service. In addition, they can also be contacted via Live Chat, Facebook, or Twitter. Those methods can be accessed via the contact page posted above. You should note that once opted-out of Fido Roam, your device would roam on a pay-per-use basis. You can view the pay-per-use rates here.


  You may also request to disable roaming on your account. However, doing so may also prevent your device from accessing extended coverage in Canada. You would need to verify with customer service whether that may be the case.


Hope this helps 😀




Hello @sestafan , turning off roaming can be done in your settings. For an android, go to settings, mobile networks,  data roaming, switch to off. When you receive the welcome to roaming message, you are only charged if you make a call, send a text or use your data using your fido Sim. I used to have a dual Sim phone and I always removed my home Sim when traveling. That would mean that you are definitely not roaming on your fido Sim.  You may have an option to disable the Sim port in the settings, but I wouldn't chance it personally. I remove my Sim and store it in my phone case behind the phone. I would also tape it in place to ensure that it doesn't fall out. Call me crazy but you can't roam on a sim card if it's not in the phone. 

Have a great trip abroad