How to remove Data top-ups

How to remove Data top-ups

How to remove Data top-ups

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How to remove Data top-ups

I added 2 Data top up Add ons couple months ago and I see I'm still being charged for them and I cant figure out how to remove them off my plan. Ive gone to change my plan on the Fiso app and site and only lets me do changes to my actual plan, not the add ons. I'm being charged an extra $50 a month and don't want it. 

Now currently on hold with a wait time of 48 mins to hour and 13 mins with Fido, anyone know how to remove Add one?

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Hey @Adela123


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To cancel a Data Top Up you have to send the word CANCEL to the number 222 from your device


You can view all the info regarding this here. Smiley

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Hi there, thanks for the quick response. Can you please check my account? because I am still being charged for the data top-up even though the text message to "222" said I do not have any data top-up. 

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Hey @kelvinkkl


We can definitively double check your account. 


We'll send you a PM shortly! 


Talk soon🙂

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I am having this problem also. I called support arround march or april to have it removed, I also I texted 222 on May 22 to remove my Data top-up  and it said it was successful but I am still being charged. Sad

hey @woodenmango,


Let have a look at your account, sending you a DM. 

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Same issue for me, I added a monthly top up in March.  I also called and texted message, but the extra bill still in my account every month.

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Same issue here!! I have texted to remove data add-ons, but it still on my bills!! CAN YOU PLEASE REMOVE THOSE DATA ADD-ONS FOR ME!!!!

Hey @Chen111


To get this looked into, you will need to reach us through our channels here.



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What a jjoke Fido is. Same for me. Hiit Cancel to 222 and just gives error, meanwhile no way to cancel on the website which means I need to call the support number and wait....

Hey @nickandshannon,


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What exactly is the error message you get?


To make sure we're on the same page, are these the steps you followed? If yes, can you tell us at which step you're getting the error message?

  • Text the word CANCEL to 222. You’ll receive an SMS with cancellation instructions
  • Follow the instructions of the SMS to complete the cancellation
  • If you have more than one top-ups, repeat these steps as many times


Keep also in mind that the changes will take effect on the first day of your next billing cycle only. You would still be able to use the data from the Data Top-up you just cancelled during your current billing cycle. The top-up would also charged to you for the billing cycle you have cancelled it on.

Hey @xiaosong,


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We're here to help and sort this out together Smiley


Sending you a PM to access your account and look into it!

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Hi @Mcbxo & welcome to the Community!


To cancel your data top-ups, you'll need to text the word CANCEL to the number 222.


Hope this helps. Smiley

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This is so sleezy. 

I just texted the word data to 222 and this is what I got. Did you get the same? 


Hi, it's Fido: To avoid data overage charges, add more data to your plan. This add-on will be charged to your account every month, until you choose to cancel it.

Monthly Price:
Reply "A" to add 300MB for $10/month
Reply "B" to add 1.5GB for $20/month
Reply "C" to add 3GB for $30/month

To remove this add-on, text "CANCEL" to 222 at any time.
To stop receiving these messages, reply "OPTOUT".

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I'm a Participant Level 2

How can I check on myaccount that the top-up has been removed for my next billing cycle?

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Hey @Osc,


On the app, you'll see the details of your services under plan, it's one of the 3 tabs at the top. 


The Data Top-Up will be listed under Your Extras

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I'm a Participant Level 2

They are listed there but how do I check if they are set not to be recurring. I want to make sure they won’t be added on the next billing cycle. I have 3 data top-ups currently, two of 300 mb which are recurring from a previous month and another one of 2 gb which I added this month. As for the first two I wouldn’t have added them this month.

I’ve sent sms CANCEL requests for all of them but only the last one is mentioned as “expires 3rd of October”. The first two that I didn’t even intended to add them this month are not marked with anexpiration date.

The fact that fido changed the procedures and they are adding the data top-ups automatically to the next billing cycle creates more issues and overhead management than it resolves a client request. I now have to send multiple sms in order to add a one time data top-up. An extra sms to set the top-up as a recurring one would have been a lot more fair to customers. If I would want a recurring data increase I would change my plan to a higher one which would be a lot more cost effective than this new top-up method.

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As mentioned in the first SMS you receive regarding the Top-Ups, these are recurring options. 


In order to remove every add-on, you must repeat the steps for each and one of them that was previously added. 


Considering these add-ons are still valid for the current cycle, by removing them today they remain on the account for the duration of the current cycle. 


If you want us to have a look at the account @Osc, don't hesitate to reach out, we'll be happy to help! 

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Hello. I added a monthly data top-up in January, 2018 because some issues I needed it at that time. The Fido text said that I can cancel it anytime, but then when I want to cancel the top-up from Febrary, it has never been succeed. 

I tried several times by text or callling to customer sevice, the top-up is still on my bill and it still charges me this month......Is there any way to stop it directly? Thank you for help. 

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I am having the same issue. Texting CANCEL to 222 did not work. Nor did calling customer service. I used live chat and they told me the top-up is still on my account. I asked if they could remove the top-up as I now do not trust the text feature to cancel services. They said no! I am very upset with fido's services. FIDO FIX THIS!!

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Hey @Jester33


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I get your frustration, rest assured that you're at the right place for help Smiley


To request the cancellation of a data top-up, you indeed need to go through the 222. You will receive a confirmation that it was removed successfully, that is your proof that you have correctly submitted the request! 


In a situation were it is not removed by the system, we would need to open a ticket to have this investigated by our technical team.


I'll send you a PM to look at this more closely Smiley



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Texting 222 did not work in my case. My billing cycle ends on the 5th of every month. I have a record of texting CANCEL to 222 on July 20th. We are now in Sept and the top-up is still being charged. I texted 222 again on August 11th and it said it was already removed. I called customer service and they told me they removed it. I no longer trust the text or customer service to remove it for me. Is calling customer service still my only option?