Haven’t received $50 Best Buy gift card that from internet bundle

Haven’t received $50 Best Buy gift card that from internet bundle

Haven’t received $50 Best Buy gift card that from internet bundle

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Haven’t received $50 Best Buy gift card that from internet bundle

I bought a home internet bundle more than a month ago and still have not received the $50 Best Buy gift card that came along with it. My pending date shows 0001-01-01 and is still under “review”. I have tried contacting both the customer service line and even Best Buy, but no one has given me any guidance to when I will be receiving it. 

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I have yet to receive the promo gift card with my home internet student package???? I have contacted Fido several times and had no luck with receiving my gift card. My order status is pending it’s been months 

Hey @Tracey81


I'm sad to see you're having this kind of experience while redeeming your offer for this promotion. I would like to take a closer look into this with you. I'll send you a PM so we can get to the bottom of this together. 

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I signed up for the promo in August and have been waiting for it ever since. I have contacted customer support 4 times about the issue, and each time the issue just gets 'escalated to the support team'. The promo was supposed to be distributed within 7 days of signing up, but it has been 81 days now and I still have not received it.

I am beginning to think that this wast just false advertising or a hoax by Fido, to reel in students and hope that they don't have enough free time to actually question why there is no gift card.

Now wishing that I choose another ISP that actually follows through on their promotions to students.

Hey @Bose2


Welcome to the Community! 


That doesn't sound right, specially since you mention you contacted support 4 times to go over this!


I'll send you a PM and we'll get this sorted out.


Talk to you soon. 

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FYI: It has been a week and this issue still has not been addressed.

Hey @Bose2


I see this was handled in PM. 


Have a good day.

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Would someone be able to help me too? I have called fido many times and no one knows what to do. I signed up for Internet on September 2nd but I have received it my gift card.

Hey @Tisna,


That doesn't sound right at all! Let's take another look into this and sort things out.


I'll send you a PM, see you there!



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I switched to Fido internet in August and still haven't heard anything either.  Is there something that can be done?

Hello @SilvanaV


Let's take a look at your account together to see what's going on .


I'm sending you a PM. Talk to you soon.

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Hey @Natashaaco, welcome to the community!


If you registered for the gift card, rest assured you will definitely receive it. It has been a pretty popular offer, so delays may apply. 


Let us know if there is anything else that the community can help you with!



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Hi @FidoDaniela ,


I am in a similar situation where my home internet was supposed to come with a $50 Best Buy gift card. I was wondering how I register for the offer? Or is it something that is automatically processed? 


A further question I have, is will I receive the gift card through the mail or through email?


Thank you for the help!

Hello @akothig


After your services are installed, you should have received an email within 7-10 business days to register to receive the gift card. 


Here's the link in question to receive the gift card: https://www.myfidopromotions.com/


You should receive the card within 5 business days afterwards by email. Smiley  

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Now I’m unable to view the promotions lookup, it’s giving me an error with a bunch of code on the page. Just wondering why this is occurring and when can I expect the gift card? It’s been almost 2 months 

Hello @Natashaaco


I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into. Talk to you soon.