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Got this text message - is this a scam?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2




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Senior MVP

Hello Marquesa95,


Welcome to the community!


  As Kapable-K notes below, that message is most definitely a SCAM and/or SPAM. You can forward these types of messages to 7726 (see here). Once audited, it will be used to augment the SPAM filter (see here). Unfortunately, as fast as these messages get blocked by the SPAM filter, the spammers/scammers find new ways to bypass the filter.


  That said, the 7726 reporting centre is unable to process MMS messages. In order to report SCAM/SPAM MMS messages, it will need to be converted to SMS first. I have recently provided the procedure I use to be able to report those MMS SCAM/SPAM messages here.


  I have also received that particular message from a different phone number. I understand forwarding those messages does not include phone number. However, it is unlikely the owner of the phone number is sending the messages. The scammers/spammers often use spoofed phone numbers when sending those messages and making SCAM and/or SPAM calls (see here).


  A couple of tell-tale signs the the message is SPAM. Firstly, Fido won't send etransfers via email or text message link. Fido will automatically credit your account.


  In addition, if Fido does send legitimate SMS, it will come from one of their short codes, not a phone number. As far as I am aware, many of their promotions come from 4745 or 4735 (see here and here). Admittedly, since spoofing is so wide-spread, it's possible the spammers/scammers could eventually learn to spoof those codes as well.


  Another sign is Fido's recent adoption of the a URL shortening service. I believe it's (see here). As far as I am aware, the links would be for the domain


Hope this helps 😀




Hello @Marquesa95,


Welcome to the community!


That is definitely a scam, Fido don't use actual phone numbers to send notifications, the website is also a giveaway, if Fido offers any add-on/bonuses you can get it directly on your account by logging in to or on the mobile app.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Thank you so much, Kapable-K! I've received this text at least 3 times already. I delete it each time. Thanks for confirming it's a scam.