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Get limited options when trying to switch from prepaid to postpaid on call

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi! I wanted to switch from my prepaid account to a postpaid one. On call, I can't seem to get the $38.00/month 2gb Data, Talk and text plan. Can someone help me please?


Good morning @agarwalu , if I understand correctly, you are saying that when you call in to Fido that they cannot find the plan you are looking for. Are you calling the prepaid or postpaid number? You can try calling customer service Here and use any of the contact methods listed. I would try the live chat or social media first if you are comfortable doing that. Good luck and hope you get the plan you want. Have a great weekend 

Hello there, Anthony here!


If you wish to change from prepaid to postpaid, you'll need to call prepaid customer service either by dialing 1-888-482-3436