Fraud Department?

Fraud Department?

Fraud Department?

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Fraud Department?

So I was just going through my bank account online.  To my surprise my phone plan was changed from $50 to $80 per month since 2020 without any notice.  I called customer service was told I had to call fraud department.  I called last week and today and had been always directed to voice mail, and no one ever called me back.


If this is your way to treat a customer I will swtich to another carrier once my contract is over


Hey there @bestbestb


Can you please clarify how did you confirm that your plan was changed? Did you receive any email confirmation for the plan change? 


Generally, once we investigate and confirm unusual changes on your account, our validation team would get in contact with you. Alternatively, we can ask you to get in touch with us if there are some details we'd like to confirm as well.


To better assist you, can you confirm the number you've been trying to reach? Also, you can follow up on the situation by reaching out to us at these channels, or we can send you a PM here if you prefer.

I'm a Participant Level 3



Originally this was my mother's number 10 years ago, she then gave it to me, but I never actually changed the ownership. Around last November I requested to transfer the ownership of the account to me for the convinience,  but that's all I asked for, I was never notified the change of the plan nor the increase in $..

Thanks for clarifying,


What you're describing is a Transfer Of Responsibility (TOR). When doing that type change, you will be charged a one time transfer fee as the new owner of the Fido number.


Also, not all discounts and promotions can be transferred. Did the number happen to have special offers or discounts before the transfer?

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Yes.  I believe it was a promo plan.  However, during the process of the TOR the customer rep never mentioned the upcoming price change.  I wouldn't have proceeded with the TOR if I knew my plan was going to go up by so much every month.

Hey @bestbestb!


When a transfer of ownership of a number is done, it goes into your own account which is a new account. As it's moved from the old account to the new one, any promotions specific to the old account would be removed.


Can you let us know if that was mentioned when the transfer was done? Also, have you logged in to your account to review your plan options and to see if there are other plans that better fit your needs?



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Hi Nick,


No I was not notified.  Feel free to check the recorded call history.  No I have not checked plan options as this was a plan that came with the iPhone.  I just checked now, the $50 plan grants 5g data, compared to my $80 plan with only 4g data...


Also the fraud department still hasn't called me's been more than a week now....this is some horrible customer experience.  Is there anything you can do to unlock my account so I have more options when taking to a customer rep???

Hey @bestbestb


In this case if the account is actively being treated by someone in our fraud department, they would have to be the ones to unlock. Did you get a chance to contact them and leave a message? There is sometimes some delays, but I know that they're working as fast as possible to complete all follow-ups. 

I'm a Participant Level 3

Yes, I have called and left messages multiple times since last week.  I don't think it's fair for me to pay for the extra amount while receiving no response from the fraud team.

Thank you for this information. I would like to take a closer look into this with you. I'll send you a PM so we can check it out. Smiley