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Fooled by Fido

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2


I have been a loyal customer to Fido since 2009 and I recenly got A REWARD for it from Fido.

I called up Fido on 1-Dec and got connected with Fido Rep after 1+ hr wait and asked for a good Black Friday deal on a phone upgrade.

I got the below offer which was noted down in their notes and was assured I can get it when I call back.

Phone Samsung A70 for $0 Medium Plan

Bill Credit $240

$10 discount on monthly plan chosen for 15 months

$35 Service Fee waived


On 2-Dec morning, I got a call from Fido saying I was looking for a phone upgrade online but I said I already spoke to your rep over phone and they gave me an offer for which I am going to call in evening. Upon this the Fido person said yes I see the offer and you can give us a call back to get this offer.

On 2-Dec evening, I went to Fido store and told them that I have got an offer from Fido. The person at Fido store checked the notes and got the A70 phone for me. But upon calling the Fido Rep to confirm and I sitting there for more than 1 hr, he told me they cannot give me the offer as the offer was declined by me. I told him that I did not declined it but he just said to call Fido again. I could not get in touch with Fido rep on that day but called Fido on 3-Dec and again after an hour of wait, I got connected with Fido Rep and he talked with me for 1 he without any result. He was to transfer me to his Supervisor but the call got disconnected. Dont know how.

On 4-Dec, I called Fido again and spoke to the Rep and one of the Supervisor but I was bluntly told that they cannot give me that offer.


Hope after reading my above case you will definitely agree that I was truly REWARDED by Fido.


With my above case, it is very clear that Fido's response was unacceptable and there was no value for loyal customers.

I cannot understand how somebody changed the notes mentioning that I declined the offer.

This has really created in me a lot of frustration and negativity about Fido. I always thought of being with Fido due to its reliable service and good customer support and hence did not think of switching to other carriers. But now after spending hours to connect with Fido rep and at Fido store, I feel I was not at all valued as a 

loyal customer and personally I feel it's a clear message given to me to switch the carrier.


Just thought this is important to share on Fido Community so that the same thing does not happen with somebody else.


Hoping to get a sensible response and action from Fido on my above case.


Thank you.



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

same thing happened with me for iphone xs

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @SV24


That is definitely not the kind of experience we'd want to offer. Offers and promotions are usually available for a limited time only, but we'd be happy to take a closer look at your situation, and to review your account.


You can usually reach out to us at these channels for servicing, that said I'll be sending you a PM so we can look into it. Talk to you soon.