Fido store issue

Fido store issue

Fido store issue

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Fido store issue

what would you guys do in my shoes?
On December 26th, I went to a Fido store and I was looking to get an iPhone X ( 256 GB ), i was told that none were available, that they were sold out and discontinued. So i resort to spending more than i intended to and get an iPhone XS ( 256 GB ). They tell me they have none in stock and they would need to transfer from another store, which would take 1-2 days. OK, I sign up for another 2 years, get additional device protection(additional charges), pay the upfront cost of the phone. I go home, happy and start waiting.

I call up on 12/28 to inquire on the status of the transfer of the phone. The Fido employee sounds annoyed, maybe they were swamped, i get it, and tells me to wait for their call. On 12/29, I'm at the mall, they don't look overly busy, I walk in and ask on the status, without even looking in their system, she tells me to wait for their call. I didn't wait to upset anyone further so i just stopped contacting them.

on 1/06, I go to the store once again, i feel that 10 days into a 1-2 window is sufficient time for the phone to be transfered. The Fido employee looks into her system, sees that it is not yet arrived, contacts the store that was shipping the phone that i ordered and paid for. The Fido employee gets told that they just processed the transfer on 1/05 and that UPS wasn't working from 12/24 to 1/02 or 1/04. I find it hard to believe that a parcel carrier was on holidays for 10-12 days from 12/24. I am told that the phone should ship on monday 1/07, it should take 1-2 and to wait for their phone call. I leave as I am starting to get frustrated and angry dealing with this.

I've been a customer for almost 20 years, I fell this is unacceptable, I am considering cancelling everything altogether. what would you guys do if you were in my shoes?

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Hey @noby!


Have you gotten your new phone?


Let us know!


Hey @noby! 20 years is a long time and we totally appreciate that you stuck with us. Smiley


The iPhone XS is an exciting model and I'd definitely feel the same if I were in your shoes. 


Our intention is always to help our customers the best we can, and it does seem like the store has done its best to get you the phone asap as they have requested it from another store to avoid waiting until they get more of their own stock. Since the iPhone XS is new, it was the holidays, and it's high in demand, those delays could have been much longer had they not done that. I just wanted to give you some insight with that and we're in no way justifying any misinformation that could have been given. 


That said, as today is the 7th have you heard back from there or reached out to them? 


Please let us know and keep us posted on what happens! Also, keep in mind that in the future we can ship you the phone directly from customer care and it will come right to your home. Smiley