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Fido retail offer scam and misrepresentation

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I want to share the worst experience I ever had in my life with any customer service, and I am not exaggerating. About three months ago I signed up with Fido with two phone numbers through ''Pepper wireless'' store in Robson street, downtown, Vancouver. I have been told by the salesman there, his name is YoungHo, that I will pay the activation fee for both numbers on my first bill and I will be reimbursed for the activation fee amount for one of them with my 2nd bill and the other with my 4th or 5th bill. I also had a friend with me that signed up with another account at the same time and store but with another saleswoman agent and was told the same.


I didn't see the discount on my 2nd bill so I called Fido customer service to check, the customer service agent was so helpful and he checked both numbers and explained that he can't see any promotions on my account and I need to contact the store to clarify, I told the guy that I don't have time to go back and forth and he offered to call the store to check and call me back ( although as inbound customer service it is not required from him to do outbound calls). The customer service agent called me back and said that YoungHo still working in the store but he is busy now and that he left him a message explaining the issue with my phone number and he will call me and solve this conflict.


And as I expected, I didn't receive any calls from the store and I had to drop by in person. I can't describe how I am disappointed that Fido allows such unprofessional and untrained salesmen to represent them. The guy was dealing with me as if I am lying and there was no such offer.


I asked him to check my friend's number (she signed up the same day with me and should have the same promotion) as I thought she got reimbursed, he checked and showed me her account (without her consent ) to prove that she didn't get reimbursed and he can't see the promotion on her account as well.


Anyway, the discussion ended with YoungHo saying that he doesn't trust me ( yes, he said that) and I was clearly told to go and submit a complaint, I was shocked with the attitude and I told him I will for sure submit a complain, not only for being scammed by his store under Fido's name but also for the worst way I was ever treated by any customer service agent.  He wasn't giving that attitude that there is something wrong, he was arguing even before I gave him my number to check.


By the way at that time, Fido had the promotion to get the activation fee waived if I sighed up online, and YoungHo said this is only online but the store promotion is to pay the activation fee first then get reimbursed. Honestly, I won't let this go, I am planning to submit my complaint to CCTS, and customer protection in BC, and my friend will do the same, I also encourage anyone that has been scammed by that store to contact me.


I am hoping that someone from Fido can get back to me, I feel that I got scammed and insulted, I am considering talking with a lawyer and discuss with him my options and to prevent that from happening to someone else.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Sarah114!


Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us; it's not a situation we want any customer to go through as the service in store should always be seamless and hassle-free! 


We're going to look into this together to see what happened and to resolve things. I'm sending a PM your way so we can discuss things further. See you there!