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Fido mobile bill is too high

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

My regualr FIDO MOBILE bill is $55/month.

But this month I got a shocking bill of $417. I have been a very loyal Fido customer from long time. Even my Home Internet is from Fido.

I have 1000 minutes long distance calls,this month I have been overcharged for long disntance calling.

I never received a warning message for over usage like we get for 90% limit used for internet.

Since my starting with Fido no 1 ever told me that we don't get warning messages for 1000 minutes long distance calling, So I had no idea that I won't be warned about over usage.

No one ever told me before that I have to track my minutes on fido app. This is literally harassment from company side to charge for over usage without giving any prior warnings or information that we won't be warned.


Please help, I intend to stay with Fido mobile and Fido home internet for many many years, but like this it will be impossible to stick with Fido.


I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Hi @Pankaj2567,


While Fido does offer text notifications regarding data usage it comes with limitations and these notifications are a courtesy. They never offer notifications for minutes this has been something we need to keep track of ourselves.


Fido has made improvements to the Fido app where we can track our data in real-time and also see minutes used. You are able to keep track of the 1000 free international minutes through the Fido app. 


This is not anything close to harassment.