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Fido is taking advantage of their customers

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

My dad just called fido because he was wondering why they brought his plan down to 1gb instead of 3gb (mind you he is paying 55$ + tax/month). Obviously the agent didn't help and didn't offer anything good but didn't forget to mention that there is a new plan that's 45$/month for 5gbs but since he wasn't a new customer he couldn't get it.  My dad is still under a contract with them so save yourself the trouble and DO NOT GET a service with them.


Never forger that there's absolutely no reweards being a loyal and longtime customer of Fido and that those Fido XTRA are just an illusion to make you think you're gonna get something.




I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

That's right, Fido deals change often!


In fact, any deal is only good on the day it is offered to you and will expire at close of customer service which is 1am in PEI. If you think that you might want the deal they are offering, you better decide right now. No, you can't think it over. 


But don't worry there will be more deals tomorrow. You'll just have to wait 45 minutes on hold tomorrow to find out what deal you can get then because there's no way to know what tomorrow will bring.


Hmmm, call me crazy but I'm pretty sure that it won't bring us any improvements in Fido's customer service or loyalty rewards.

Hey @Lross!


I'm sorry to hear that you feel this way about our offers and customer service. We always have different offers and they can indeed change and end at any time. As mentioned, you also have access to Fido Xtra, which means you can receive potential promotions or discounts with partnered companies; you can find these Fido Xtra deals on your Fido App if you have it installed!

We're always working on improving our services and we appreciate your feedback. Smiley


Hey @Mahini


That's certainly not how we want you to feel about us! We really appreciate all our customers and we always do our best to help them! We're always working towards bringing some new and exciting deals for our customers and they love it, which is why we continue to offer Fido XTRA every Thursday!


Regarding your father's account, is it possible that he had a data bonus that recently expired? Any other situation is very unlikely as our plans don't change under an agreement. We usually notify our customers about the expiration of any bonus/rebate through their bill. Can you have him double-check his bills?


The other possibility I can think of is that he needed to change his plan when he took a new agreement. Can you tell us if that's the case or he has had one for some time now?



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

He has a grandfather plan and and was granted 2 additional gb for a year for a total of 3gb. Now he is stuck with the worst plan I have ever seen in my life. My whole family is with Fido and my dad has been with this company the longest but will defiantly not continue our services with it since I saw how the agents were treating longtime customer.


it's sad to say but you guys definitely don't have a strong customer service as the agent couldn't even find one proper solution.

Bad experience overall Sad

Hey @Mahini,


We understand it can be disappointing when offers end. Keep an eye on our website as these offers change pretty often!