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Fido customer service

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

I'm on the phone waiting for over 25 minutes to speak to technical , music is interesting but very loud for our ears .
I place handset on the side on speaker mode , then just like that POOF the line hangs up ....

The Service with Fida has gone to the **bleep**S .

I am with Fido since 1993 , I guess its only about getting notifications after notifications for payments but IMPOSSIBLE to speak with someone .......


I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

A Follow up to my Problem , I solved my problem by finding a handset from a private seller I found in FB Marketplace ,
Fido its your loss , I tried calling to find out information on the handset Moto G Power  , I was going to do a phone purchase with no contract .
I instead payed lots less for a brand new  never activated Moto G Power 2020 ....... Bad and delayed services made you lose a sale .
I hope Fido fixes their lousy customer service .....  I also activated the Nano sim card from a little boutique in a shopping mall , total wait time with the service to activate the card  5 MINUTES !!!  

On another issue , why am I being sent payement notification from the 16 th of every month when my payment cycle ends on the 21st of every month ??

Hey @James_Dot! Philippe here. I hope you're doing well. Smiley


Thank you very much for your long association with us. We certainly appreciate it! That said, I'm sad to read about your most recent experience, though I'm happy you were able to find a solution and get service at the boutique.


As for the payment notification, can you provide a bit more information about the contents or provide a screenshot of it please (while redacting any personal information on it)?



I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

This is rediculous , I have been trying to get through to speak with somebody ON the PHONE for 2 weeks now , that Chat ask JACK **bleep** has No Technicians , I have a problem with activating my Call Waiting on this JUNK BRAND NEW MOTO G POWER 2020 Cell phone .
Its a Brand New Never Activated phone I purchased privately BCUZ I Couldnt get through to FIDO so I can Buy it without a contract ....
Cell won't allow me to Activate Call Waiting ..... I Should have stayed with Samsug ..
Plus this Moto Phone has WORST Reception than my 7 year old Galaxy 5 . I'm forced to buy a $500 Booster system just to use my cell , my New Cell ..... Or Maybe its Fido's systems that are Lousy in reception ....

Waited another so much time with ASK JACK **bleep** to end up with Nothing ! 

Hey there @James_Dot


The good news is that we offer many different channels to get in touch with us, which you can find here. We're available by phone, live chat and also on social media Smiley


With that said, your new phone, the Moto G Power 2020, should be compatible with out network. If you're experiencing any degraded reception, we would advise to possibly try your Fido SIM card in another device before purchasing a Booster.


As for activating call waiting, can you please clarify? This feature is already included in most our plans and allows you to put your current conversation on hold to answer another incoming call. Can you confirm that this is working on your end?

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

For the Record , my Moto G Power was a Brand new never used from FIDO so its made to work with Fido Network .
Plus I tried the sim card with the adapter in my Galaxy 5 cell and call waiting works fine , so I believe the Moto phone is Garbage ....
I'm going to return both boosters and cell the Junk Motorola cell and buy a Samsung Galaxy cell with No Contract as I have always done from the past ...
Stupid Junk phone won't even allow me to copy contacts in Sim Card ........... I think Social Media is the only way ..

Hey there @James_Dot , sounds like you've had a disappointing ordeal with your Motorola phone. If you haven't used it and it's less than 30 days you should be able to return it to place of purchase.  I believe most new devices have a return window. My friend just received the Motorola Ace and she really loves it. Works well in a rural environment. Sounds like you have a lemon and could try to return it.