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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi, I'm Ana  I'm customer for more than 10 yrs. I don't have any problem to fido until April this year. My husband call long distance in the Philippines. Coz I have a good promo in gido gor long distance do I didn't expect to charge me more than a $100. So last Nay 2031 I receive my invoice and I was shock that they charged me $120 + for my long distance. So I call the customer service and talk to them . So I explain to them what happened and they checked. They said it wil be credit for the next month so no need to worry. But still every month since they still charge me with that amount. Last month I call them again and explain everything again and again so the customer service that told me it will be ok this coming month do I ask him how much should I pay on August 29 he said $281.14. So I paid it last August 29. Until I receive a msg that I need yo pay my balance do that they can't cancel my account. So today I call them 2x the 1st call I wait for 15mins or more then they cut it. They I call again the guy explain to me that the credit that I have last June they didn't update it so he said talked to the customer service and ask them to about this or talk to the manager. So I ask him how Gould I talk to the manager. He said he will transfer me to the. So I wait for less than 1 hrs. To talk you other person again. And explain everything again and wait to her coz she said she reading my report. Until I ask her how long do I need to wait coz it to long to get the result. I ask her if I can get a result she she's not sure. So ask asked if I can talk to the manager she said manager is busy. So I ask whom I gonna talk to get a result for my problem. She said I he will get my # to call me back and I ask her where are they going to call me . She said not sure. So I ask if I can wait to talk coz it wait more than 1hr already and she said ok she will pass try to transfer me yo the manager. I wait and wait until it hang. For 1and 1/2 talking and waiting to them I didn't even get an answer.  So tiring and disappointed I am for this people. I'm a good and loyal customer but is this what I get to this company a competent people and can't speak to a manager. I can get a good answer. Are they doing their job if u will not checking my account are it means they will reaping ne off. I don't want to be rude but I don't know who I talk uf no available officer or manager to talk and solve your problem.



Hello @anajacinto


Thank you for all the details you've provided us, it really helps. I would also like to apologixe for all the back and forth you've faced regarding this situation. It's certainly not how we want you experience to be with us. I will send you a private message shortly so we can look into this together. 😊


Talk soon!