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Fido bill $545

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I recently logged into my fido account on my web browser and found a bill of $545. I was completely surprised.


I signed up to pay 50$ per month plan for unlimited talk and text. 


I am new to fido and I had told the fido agent my requirement to call/text US number. I thought the unlimited talk and text covered from Canada to US. So I had been calling US number regularly.


When I asked about the bill to customer support , they pointed out that my plan was only unlimited text from Canada to US and not Unlimited talk from canada to US. That's why I saw this huge bill.


It is so unfortunate that this important detail was not made clear to me when I was signing up for a fido account. Nor , did I ever receive a text message from fido telling me that I was being charged for every call I made to the US number. On top of that, the mobile app on Fido kept crashing me so checking my bill was not very handy anymore.


I am reaching out to the FIDO community for advise regarding my situation. I had recently moved to canada and chose FIDO as I cannot pay high phone bills and this was a complete shock to me to see the bill.


Please advise.





Hello @abhkagrawal,


Welcome to the community!


It's unfortunate you did not understand your plan but all of Fido's unlimited talk plans are for Canada only they do not offer any unlimited talk plans for the US.


The details of the plans would be available in the paperwork given or emailed to you and it would also say online when logged in. 


Since you did make the calls then the charges would be valid and you would be responsible for the payments, if it is too much for you to pay at once you can set up a payment plan, you can get more information on how to do it here