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Fido bill 440

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Fido was charged me a bill of 440 for the 1000 international minutes. When I took the connection and in the agreement got it from Fido stated no end date for the promotion( The end date field on the agreement blank but have a start date). Now Fido is telling that it was only for 2 years and mine got expired. And this was notified on the previous bills. Since the monthly bills were same, I  was not gone to the details of each bill and also this was not in my agreement ,I was unaware of this. So is Fido agreements are fake or are they looting customers Like this as when I called the customer care the supervisor was telling the agreement you got it from the stores are just papers and all the promotions have an end date of 24 month, which they have in Fido office and they can't able to access the agreement what I got it from Fido store. I asked her to send the paper what she having in the office, for that she was telling, they won't keep it for more than 2 years. So hw a customer know the promotion is for 24 months and with out the knowledge of the customer hw Fido can change it. Then what's the meaning of a contract or an agreement. Fido knows people won't check there bill's regularly as the amount is of same each month. So they put an end date in small font in the Fido bill. When I asked about the change in agreement the supervisor was telling, Fido won't let the customer knows with a text message or email,they will let the customers know regarding the changes through the bills. so this is your my mistake not looking the bill regularly and if I saw it, I have to call them and ask about it at that time and not now. This is one way Fido looting the customers by deviating from the agreement and put the change in bill, which most of the customers not look because of same amount. Please beware of this.


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Hello Fibby,


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  Sorry to hear you received that unexpected bill. Are you still under contract? Were you subsidising a device? I believe most of the 1000 International minutes offers were promotional and usually provided for 24 months. If your contract has ended, the 1000 International minutes would also have ended. If there is no end date noted, then the duration of the promotion would be the same as the contract length. While Fido generally allows their customers to keep grandfathered plans (on a month-to-month basis), promotions and discounts are not necessarily carried over in the same manner. It would be the customers' responsibility to monitor the extent of their contracts.


Hope this helps 😀




I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

This is a BYOP plan agreement I am unaware that if no end date means it's for 24 months and no one told to us like this. If it's not stating in an agreement then hw the customer knows. If that the instance my second line agreement shows an end date and the time I taken the connection they told it's for 2 months. Why this?

Hey @Fibby,


I'm sorry to hear about all the confusion regarding your account. However, we will be happy to review your account with you.


I will be sending you a private message via the community to get started!


Talk to you soon. 😊