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Fido Rep Hung up on Me

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Well that wasn't very pleasant..


I am a returning customer who had been with Fido for 4 years, currently with Koodo for 2 years


Last Friday, I went into a Fido store last to get Google Pixel 6.


They told me there is something wrong with my old account (wouldn't allow them to make the pixel 6 purchase or something), so they called Fido, came back  ,and told me that they have to run a security check which would take 2 days, . So I asked them what would happen if the promo ends before the security check goes through. They avoided to answer and said they would let me know when the security check gets approved.


Today, which is 2 days after Friday, I went into the store just to see if there were any updates. It got already approved (where was the notice?) but the promo ended as I expected, so I called Fido customer service.


I asked them what happened and why they had to run a security check because I didn't think it was requried. It wasn't required when I first became a Fido member nor with Koodo.


The rep told me they have to do it for all closed accounts including returning customers (so the sales person lied to me?), but then he sighed deeply and hung up on me lol! What the f? The call was picked up right away so I tried calling them again, but this time it was never picked up for more than 10mins haha


I wasn't anywhere close to complaining or anything, and I was even making jokes with the sales person in the store that I have mortgage from TD and don't get why I needed the security check, etc.


Now I know I'm never returning to Fido ever, but just wanted to let people know Smiley

Gonna tell my friends and coworkers too because this is just sadly funny lol



Hey @hangilyi1! Philippe here. I hope you're doing well. Smiley


I'm sad to read about your experience. That's certainly not the service we expect to provide a returning customer and I sincerely apologize for that!


If you're still interested in the offer, I'll be happy to review everything with you to see how I can accomodate you. Just request a PM from the comunity and we'll send you one.


Hope to chat with you!