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FIDO let go 20 years customer and 4 phone line

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1
As a 20 years FIDO customer try to reach out for new phone and really disappointed with the 611 customer support , they said they just let go a 15 years old customer so we are not Valued to FIDO....

Anyway Does Fido offer retention plans to offer long time customers?. Im looking to upgrade my phone and is willing to go on another 2 year plan however i feel like i was offered the same plans as you would to new customers. I phoned 611 from my phone and asked to be transferred to retention department but was told that im already in the retention department. When i told the rep maybe it's better to Transfer all 4 phone lines to others and all she said was "sure." I felt like fido wouldnt do anything to keep existing customers. I was offered a better deal by others carrier  and is looking to transfer out since Fido cannot match.


I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

Honestly nope. I renewed my contract again for 2 years. Customer 29 years. 30 years July. I pay 4 phone lines 9300 a year. They did not even give me a charger for my new phone. Did not honor buds that was an exclusive offer. The deal is still on they say I was 2 days early. Unbelievable I can not believe it. Plus people are getting all new phones waived for hardware unlimited data. 45. I pay double that. 

We've replied to your other message @Brigitta!



Hello @Ballchai1,


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«Sure» is definitely not the kind of response we aim on giving in this type of situation. 


We'll be happy to take a look at what your options are. You can send us a message on Facebook or Twitter, or if you want, we can send you a PM here.