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Exclusive offer plan changes

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am currently on a BYOP plan and see an exclusive offer on my account which I wouldn't mind switching to. However this new plan that is being offered is classified as a Fido Payment Plan. Would I still be able to continue using the phone I have and switch to the new exclusive offer, or would I need to upgrade my device in order to get the new exclusive offer? 


In relation to this, when I looked at the details of the Unlimited Canada minutes claim on the new exclusive offer, it says Unlimited weekends in the detail section of the plan description, and when I scrolled down to the footnotes I saw that it said: Calls from Canada to Canadian numbers only, billed by the minute. Additional minutes: 50¢/min (Call Forwarding: 20¢/min). What does this mean?

I was under the impression that Fido no longer offers plans with minutes and that all plans that include any Talk, come with Unlimited Canada wide minutes. 


I'd apprecaite any clarification on both of these questions.


Thanks in advance.



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Sherry18


These are great questions! 


To clarify, you can switch from a BYOP plan to one of our new Fido Payment Plans without actually taking a new phone! Once you decide you are ready to upgrade to a new device, you'll already be on a compatible plan and the financed amount of the device will simply be added to the monthly cost of your selected Fido Payment Plan. 🙂


Our newer plans include unlimited Nationwide calling. If your plan specifies that you have Unlimited Canada-wide anytime calling, you can disregard the Additional Minutes notice. However, the call forwarding rates would still apply unless you have this feature covered as an Add-on or in a Value Pack


I hope  this helps clarify things!