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They took 1 gig of may data

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

So i have a plan of $40 for 5 gig data on my current phone. I fully paid the phone since Oct 2020.  On December 3 , I went to a FIDO store to purchase a phone. I ask them if they have a phone for me wherein I can retain my current plan($40 for 5 gig a month) under the 24 month isntallment Payment Program. So they told me  they can give me a google pixel phone but will take 1 gig from my current plan. This means I will be paying $40 for 4 gig plus the price of the new phone($15 /monthly for 24 months).  On December 5 ,2020 I used the phone but didnt like the Interface and speaker. Used it for less than 20 min. Did;nt use it for calls. I returned the phone right away that day. This means the contract on Dec 3 was canceleld/void. The problem is, they won't give me back my 1 GIG. I am stuck to $40 for 4Gig monthly. I feel that they stole 1 gig from me. I gave my 1 gig to them 3 days ago , they gave me a phone 3 days ago. I returned the phone today but they keep my 1 Gig.  This means they just took my 1 gig without giving me ANYTHING in return. In short this is STEALING. This is piracy at its best!!. I already talk to a nice cutomer representative. Told me to wait for 5 days. Do you think guys that I will be able to get back my 1 GIG from them? 



Hello @Joey12,


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It sounds like you had an older plan that is not compatible to finance a new device that's why you had to switch to one of the in-market plan in order to finance the device. Once you make the change and the old plan is not offered anymore you would not be able to switch back.


You do have 15 days to exchange the phone if you are not happy with the one you got but to say they stole from you a bit exaggerated don't you think?


There are cases where they can get the old plan back that is not available anymore but it's not always guaranteed and the process can take some time.

If they are able to get your old plan back going forward you will not be able to finance a new device without changing to a new in-market plan and will not be able to get the old plan back should you change your mind again.