Don't send me political emails

Don't send me political emails

Don't send me political emails

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Don't send me political emails

On May 20th you sent me this email titled: "we’ve donated $150,000 to Pflag Canada 🌈".


Don't send me political emails! You are a phone company not a political party. Instead use that $150,000 surplus to increase your employee wages and to lower your plan prices!



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Hey there @gfdghrie7thgrei, welcome to the community!


The email is an informative newsletter to keep our customers in the know on how we're helping during these difficult times.


We’re proud to partner with Pflag Canada to help keep vulnerable members of our communities safe and connected during the public health crisis as we believe in an inclusive and diverse environment that reflects and embraces the diversity of our teams, customers and communities.


Rest assured both our employees and customers are very important to us and you can check out everything we're doing to help here:


We thank you for your feedback!