Data usage mishandled

Data usage mishandled

Data usage mishandled

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Data usage mishandled

Halfway thru my monthly cycle I got the message that 91% of my data is used up. Turns out MS exchange has been syncing in the background eating up a couple of hundred mb's.. Now I am a diligent person, so I do my homework to turn off the mobile data and carefully go over app data restrictions one by one. A few days later i had to turn mobile data on, to send an email. Checking my phone Data Usage app, that had added about 5 mb traffic which I find normal (considering syncing 3 days of emails, etc.). However the Fido stats (which did agree with the Data Usage app @The 91%) now shows ALMOST 100MB, throwing me over the limit. That is simply impossible  I thought of tethering, sharing, etc. - however I checked and these features have never been activated.... Any ideas?? 


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Sorry to learn that you went over your data, it's never a pleasant situation Sad


Can you tell us what phone model you're using? Also, is it possible that the background app refresher was enabled? Is it possible that your emails are pushed automatically and that you've had emails pushed while you were sending your own emails?


If you go to the Cellular Data Settings on your device, you should be able to see which applications used the most data and this could give you an idea of where most usage was done.


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Hi I'm having the same problem with my data going missing as the post u replied to. My data usage chart says I've used 200mb and my providers data usage measurments went from 6.61 to 5.51 gigs in the same time frame. I'm running a Samsung a70 and I've tried everything my provider (fido) has suggested. So I was wondering if you could walk me through this because nothing seems to be working. Thanx

Hey @Jschropp!


If I understand correctly, you mean that you have noticed that the data counter under your device settings is displaying a different amount used versus that which is displayed under the My Account app?


Have you checked to make sure that your billing cycle under your device settings is set to the correct dates, as they are set in My Account?


In general, we suggest that you use the My Account app to track your use over the tracker in your settings as it may calculate data use differently. 

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My device is a SONY Xperia X Compact

Running Android 7.1.1

Data usage now (just before reset) shows 525 MB - a significant difference (almost 100 mb) with the FIDO stats.

As I noted above, Exchange services had used 196 MB.

Then other apps, browser, etc.

There are no longer apps that are allowed unrespricted data usage when Data Saver is on. Background data is off for almost all apps (whichever allow it to operate properly). And I've set my notification limits significantly lower, to capure any such occasions - since all operating systems now prevent  users from getting full control over their devices.

But what I've done to limit the damage is not relevant to the fact that FIDO will overcharge me for something that I did not do.

The extra $5 I am going to pay are not the issue here; it is the fact that FIDO is now firmly in the list of companies I cannot trust.


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  You should also note that there will usually be slight discrepancies between the data usage logged on the mobile device and the usage noted by networks. This occurs because of the different measurement of data. Mobile devices measure data received. On the other hand, mobile providers record data sent. Those two measurements are not always identical. In many cases this occurs where data is sent but a phone/device might have lost signal and not receive the data (ie entering an elevator or parking garage etc).


  However, there have been instances where Exchange services have had issues syncing. It continually requests a sync, but for some reason it does not accept the returned information. The networks keep sending the data, but Exchange services does not accept the data to be received. That data gets lost until Exchange services finally accepts the data. Some people have suggested clearing the apps' cache resolves the issue, while others have noted having to uninstall and reinstall the services.


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Thank you for your polite answers that will keep me warm at night. Please extend my best regards to your superiors who came up with the ingenious idea of cashing out on the concept that it's nobody's fault. I pray that in my lifetime, a true leader is found, who has the balls to break this grossly unfair monopoly and open up Canada/Ontario for some real competition in the sector!


Hey @SimeonM


If you use the My Account app to track your usage from now on, you shouldn't have any trouble with your usage anymore.  


If you want to take a look at your options to add more data, feel free to contact us using any of the options you'll find here.  Alternatively, we can send you a PM here! Smiley

Hey @SimeonM


Thanks for the clarifications.  


There are many factors that can explain why the data usage you see on your phone is different than the one you see on the app.  For example, if the billing cycle on your phone doesn't match the billing cycle on your Fido account, the usage you see on your phone will not be accurate.  Also, not only your apps use data, the phone itself needs to connect to the internet for many things, so even if you turned off the data for your apps, your phone will connect to the internet.


To make sure you don't have any surprises, we definitely suggest using our app to track your usage.


I hope it clarifies! Smiley