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Data slowdown in Newboro Ontario area

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

There is a daily data download rate pattern in the Newboro Ontario over LTE service.  The early mornining service is fine, then it suddenly drops off about 7:45 AM, to about 0.5 mps download, 0.4 mps upload.  That rate cannot even support streaming audio, and web pages take minutes to appear, if at all.  Voice/Text service is unaffected; the signal level is fine - only Internet service suffers.  This happens day after day.  Data service in this area was fine two years ago - what happened?  Do we have an Internet hog somewhere close by eating up the bandwidth?


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Senior MVP

Hello Dpmclaren,


  Sorry to hear you're having issues with data transmission speeds. Unfortunately, there do not appear to be very many cellular towers in the area:


~taken from here.


  In addition, you should note that the different bands/frequencies used vary in their characteristics. For example, the lower frequencies (ie 700MHz) are better able to travel farther and penetrate deeper into buildings than higher frequencies (ie 2600MHz)(see graphic here). On the other hand, the lower frequencies tend to have narrower bandwidths than the higher frequencies (see table here).


  Unfortuntately, all of the area's data traffic would transmit via one cellular tower. I don't think it's necessarily a few people hogging up the bandwidth, it's likely more people using their services in general, especially during the pandemic.


Hope this helps 😀