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Data plan won't work on new plan

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello, I have been with Fido for a year now. I had some issues with my phone picking up towers from the USA where I live, (Canadian resident) luckily this year they put new towers in so no more roaming problems. I was overcharge 444.00$ and because I wouldn't pay it, my account got cut off. So I  had to wait 8 hours on the phone for the duration for 2 days (4 hours each day) dealing with some awful customers service, being hung up on twice, it was really draining and alot of people agree your customers service over the phone is awful. All that and I finally payed what I actually owed and got my services hooked up again. So here's the catch... I had a 37$ plan, 44$ with taxes. everything that I have with my current plan ( unlimited talk and text, voicemail etc) but I paid for 20g of data and the data worked well. I liked that plan alot, perfect for me. Now, after getting my account back, I was told that plan is no longer available, that what I currently have (unlimited talk & text) with 10 G more of data for 50$ coming to 58.24$ is the cheapest plan with data that you have. My data does not work. It never has worked. Since I got this new plan I pay for the data but I cannot use it. It's frustrating because I just want my old plan back that was cheaper, less gigabytes but they actually worked! Can I PLEASE have my old plan back? 



Divinity A



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Sorry, to hear about the issues you are having but you should note that this community forum is driven by customers like myself helping each other and is not a form of customer service for Fido, in your case, you would need to contact customer service directly and they will be able to better help you.