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Data Usage Over Charge

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

My phone bill has $700 of overage charges that I wasn't aware of.It happened during the xmas time when my family was visiting, I had no idea how did this even happened, according to the policy, a notification via text should be sent to my phone for every $50 overage and I have to activate the extended usage, if I was ever aware of this, I sure would remember I've activated 10 times, I'm retired and I can't keep up with my bill for $900... I tried to speak to an agent regarding the charges but was not offered any support and they had no interest in helping solve this issue.

can someone please help!



Hey @renzhong,


Welcome to the community! 


Getting a suprising bill is never fun! 

We'll send you a PM to look into this together. 😊