Fido roaming charges/liessssss

Fido roaming charges/liessssss

Fido roaming charges/liessssss

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Fido roaming charges/liessssss

So Today I checked my account for charges associated with 20$ a month phone bill which was a promotion. I literally almost had a heart attack with the charges my fido account showed. I went on vacation last month and my main wayof contact was through the app whatsapp to make calls and because I was in another country I had to pay money for another phone carrier to make calls. I never suspected fdo was involved as there was no form of being informed and the top left of the phone that names the carrier was not fido. Today I contacted customer service, on behalf of the issue and the incompetent customer service person on the other end insisted that i made calls using fido roaming which this was my first time hearing of fido roaming. She specified calls that I made that I knew for a fact was false as one of the numbers she mentioned was my mom who was by my side the entire time of the vacation so I had no reason to call her. It was absolutely laughable!!!! Trying to still make sense of the situation she insinuated that I was lying and said she could not wave the charges as I was informed and its in their records.

I didnt give a care what fido had on record or what text or email they sent to me about the roaming as I am still yet to find these messages or emails which I know I certainly did not get.I knew fido has a long history record of cheating people with fido roams especially but I agreed to be with them cause the prices were somehow cheap at least thats what I thought, until they pile up charges upon charges against you. Listen EVERYBODY, DO NOT FALL INTO FIDO'S TRAP!!!! Another way to take money from people, how shameful. I already told the person to cancel my plan with them permanently as I would not want to be associated with such unprofessionalism and scam of a company. Though nothing really got solved and i am still confused, I am already in the process of filing a complaint with which is another organization  that resolves phone or tv company issues that you may have. Anyone thinking of going with Fido please think twice for your sake and maybe for the amount of heartache and shock they may bring regarding YOUR MONEY.

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Hello Ebere,


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  I understand it's upsetting to receive unexpected charges. However, just because you did not intend on using your services while roaming does not mean that your phone didn't, in fact, use the services.


@ebere wrote:... I went on vacation last month and my main wayof contact was through the app whatsapp to make calls and because I was in another country I had to pay money for another phone carrier to make calls...


...the top left of the phone that names the carrier was not fido...


  To clarify, did you replace your Fido SIM with another SIM from the other country to make calls? If you didn't and your phone connected to a foreign network, that would be considered roaming. When roaming on a foreign network, the name of the local networks show, not Fido (except for within Canada where Fido-EXT would show when connected to extended coverage).


  Using your services (ie make/receive calls, send text messages, or use data) while roaming would trigger roaming charges. I understand you might not have thought you used your services. Are you aware that WhatsApp calls may actually be sent via the networks if Wifi strength is insufficient to maintain a call? Did you make any calls thinking you were using another phone carrier (if you didn't switch SIMs)?


  It is unfortunate that you were not aware of what roaming services entailed. You are certainly entitled to make your complaint, however, if the usage is on record, your phone used roaming services -- even though you might not have been aware your usage was considered roaming.


  For the future, if you do not intend on using your services, you might consider enabling Airplane or Flight mode for the duration of your trips. That should prevent your phone from connecting to foreign networks. You could manually enable Wifi when required.


Hope this helps 😀






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Maybe you didnt read what I stated cause you obviously didnt read it properly. It is the job of a phone company to effectively communicate with their clients on what is occuring regarding their phone plan orchanges that are being made. I did not know what "fido roam" nor have I ever heard the term of it. Its an issue of not being MADE AWARE of the circumstances and when this is the case other details do not really matter because charges did pile up without my knowledge.I have told my experience you either take it or leave it,but I am clearly not the only person who has gone through this situation and I will not be the last so this is a warning for anybody trying to join fido based off of my experience.

Please and thank you

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Hey @ebere


Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


The last thing we want is to give you a heart attack, I assure you!


When you're using your device abroad, we connect you to a local carrier at your destination. While you do see a different carrier listed on your device, this service is provided through us, and thus the charges will appear on your Fido bill. Keep in mind that your Fido SIM card is in the phone. We have agreements with carriers abroad to provide you with service and to make sure you can stay connected.


There's multiple measures you can take on your end to ensure there's no usage done while abroad:


- You can turn off your roaming directly from your device.

- You can remove your SIM from your phone.

- You can request to have roaming blocked on our end.


That being said, we'll send you a PM so we can review what happened together.


Talk to you soon!

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I have already reviewed with the online customer service provider who could not care less about my situation. Like I said the point is your company (fido) needs to improve on letting customers know and being made ware of these circumstances either prior or immediately when it happens because the situation looks unprofessional and dissapointing on your end

We're happy to take a look at what happened and we're doing our best to help @ebere.