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Customer Service Specialists “Kate” you are the best!!!

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I am not going to get into the whole details story how painfully unprofessional Fido can be  when they're the ones who make phone plans errors & clues less in regards correcting the matter @ hands..

However on Saturday March 11,2023 I decided to give  it one more go with a  follow up since no one got bck to me as I was told.

I guess this was my luck Morning , the young lady on the other end  was indeed a blessing .

"Kate"  this customer service specialist  understood clearly what was happening, she took care  of the situation in less than 10mins vs  been on hold for over 45mins to an hour with no resolution....

Now Kate is a professional customer service representative specialist who knows exactly what she's doing if only  Fido  have more Agents like her... 

She even take the time out to follow up with new updates..

Sorry I missed your phone call Kate, however I was trying to connect bck with you but the agent was have trouble transferring my call..

truly appreciate everything that you have done to rectify the situation thank you once again..





Hey @Karen970 Smiley 

We're so happy to read that you had a great experience with Kate! 

Thank you very much for sharing this feedback with us. 


If you'd like to have your comments reach Kate's supervisor, you can reach out to customer service so they can check your account and send them over to the right person.