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Credit of $143 is not received

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi, I added a phone to my existing line which is with Fido for about 17 years.  The offer which I used was "$188 with a new activation online of select phones with Fido Payment Program on a Data, Talk and Text plan, you'll get a $143 bill credit and we'll waive the $45 setup service fee- that's $188 in total!". As the offer says that new activation online of select phones, I called customer service 2 times before placing the order to confirm that it means the adding new phone to existing line or new line and I was told that it is for existing line.

And so I ordered the phone online and got $45 activation fee waived off immediately. I called after 2 days again to confirm about this deal and I was told that my order is eligible for $143 credit and I should see that in my account after my first billing of this order. I got the new bill but the credit was missing. 


I called customer service again and now they said that this offer is for new line only, not for existing line. I feel like being cheated Sad 

Everything is mentioned in their notes as well but still they are not honoring the offer Sad 

I was given wrong information multiple times for the same offer and now not sure what should I do.



Hey @k1saxena! Welcome to the community. Smiley


That doesn't sound right and definitely not the kind of experience we want to offer. In order to help you, we would need to access your account. Since we have many promotions, we would need to know which one you were offered back then. For any account related inquiries in the future, you can reach out to customer service through these channels. However, for this kind of situation, we can send you a PM instead. Let us know what you prefer. 

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello Vanessa, thanks a lot for your response. I called customer service many times and even talked to supervisor. It didn't help at all. They kept on repeating the statement that "This offer is for new line". 2 agents confirmed that they can see in Feb 14 notes that I was told I will receive $143 credit as a part of this promotion but when the call was transfered to supervisor, she said that is not mentioned in the notes, even if it would have been mentioned, they will not consider it because I ordered the phone on Feb 12 which actuallly doesn't make sense. Also, supervisor offered me $50 credit as a compensation. If I would have been lying, then why I was offered $50 credit compensation?

Also, it seems like notes for Feb 14 has been tampered because now other agents can't see it mentioned about $143 credit which is actually a big SCAM.


Sorry Vanessa, being a customer for 17 years I don't expect such things from such a big company.  I would appreciate if this matter will be taken seriously. 

Sorry what do you mean by PM? Please let me know what details do you need to access my account and how can I share those details with you.




Hey @k1saxena!

We'll send you a PM to have a closer look into this with you.