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Costumer Service Complaint

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I complain FIDO did these:
- Problems With Bill (Account not set up correctly, Call from collections or mark on credit report, Requested changes to plan not made as promised by customer service representative, Unfair billing policies etc.)
- Problems With Cancellation (Problems with termination or cancellation of services etc.)
- Problems With Communication (By sales representative in store, By customer service representative at 800 number or online etc.)
- Problems With Call Quality (Inadequate compromise offered, Conflicting information given by different representatives, No callback as promised, Refusal to call a supervisor, Repeated failure to rectify, Kept adding charges to bill, Disconnected phone etc.)
- Problems With Customer Service (Bounced from agent to agent, Web access not available or not working, No response to my call/letter/email etc.)
- Problems With Fraud (Identity theft or another fraud etc.)
- Problems With Portability (Delay in transferring number, Incorrect number transfer etc.)
- Problems With Terms Changing (Representative did not notify me that changes made to plan result in new contract etc.)



Under is detailed:
The live chat agent of FIDO helped me obtain “Data Only Plan - 4GB” with “ iPad 6TH GEN 32gb CPO” on Dec 23, 2019. On Dec 27, 2019, I received the package from fido which includes iPad, charger and SIM card for iPad. However, I could not use my service because it has been cancelled by unauthorized personnel for unknown reasons.


I live chat and phoned many times, the fido staffs that I have come in contact with promised they will help me resolve this. In fact, they gave me a completely different expensive plan in the end.


I was live chatting an agent about getting my number that was ported out back to FIDO to continue the service. The agent gave me a number to call and when I called, I was told that the number is not activated and that they could not do anything for me. So I live chatted another agent and that agent promise that within 2 business days they will get this resolved and the matter went nowhere to being resolved but much rather be forgotten. Rather then waiting for 2 business days I waited for 5 giving all my hope to FIDO waiting for good news, but yet, nothing. No call back no email no nothing to let me know if this is to resolve or not and I still do not have access to my services that I have paid for on my FIDO app either.


I reached out to the live chat agent again, 2 of them. I have to re-explain everything that happens from top to bottom twice during this time to clarify my issues. All they could tell me is to talk customer service on a business day to get that resolve. As a consumer, I feel that I was not treated properly and that I deserve an explanation from Fido as well as a solution to all this problem. They are basically running away from their responsibilities.


At this point of the day, I have had enough. I put up with enough ignorance and unprofessionalism. FIDO, as one of the biggest cellular provider in Canada, kicked me around from live agents to customer service centres and back. I am officially exhausted and my patience has completely worn off. I gave all my understand and talk to them in the politest way possible hoping they would empathize my situation and give me a hand and yet none of them care enough to do anything for me. I now have paid for a full month of service almost half a month passed and none used, alongside with the problem still left undone.


I hope that is letter can express my hopelessness and that I could get some help to resolve this issue and protect my rights as consumers.



Desired Outcome Description:

1. As a consumer, I feel that I was not treated properly and that I deserve an explanation from Fido as well as a solution to all this problem.

2. Based on I now have paid for a full month of service almost half a month passed and none used, alongside with the problem still left undone. Request FIDO to refund all the payment.

3. Request FIDO to restore "Data Only Plan - 4G" with $10 per month.

4. Request any appropriate compensation.


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Fido made me false promise - fido charge me extra fees and said they dont refund the money . We will ge you free free data for 3 month --- what nonsence is this . It happen again this billing cycle know fido saying this programmed by computer.

Hey @Ramesh604


Welcome to the Community!


I understand that receiving a higher bill than expected can be pretty unpleasant and we do not want that type of surprise for any of our customers. We believe in being 100% transparent with our customers regarding their services with us. This is why our customers can track their usage 24/7 on, the Fido app or even by dialing *3337 from their Fido device. In case of technical difficulties, they can also contact us for support. 😊


It's also good to know that all the extra usage we bill for is validated by the Fido sim in our customers phones and is valid.


Can you tell us a little bit more about what the extra fees are for?

Did you get the chance to review your bill in details? 

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @zhxinyun


None of this sounds like the kind of experience we want for any of our customers! 

I would like to take a closer look into your account, so we can review the information together. I'll send you a PM right away!

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Hello @zhxinyun I'm so sorry for your situation.   you mentioned you  were porting a number but you also mention a iPad. There seem to be many parts about your interactions and services. 


If you haven't used or being able to use the service yet within the term or agreement accepted (see limit of days etc.) you can return and cancel.


As for your previous data plan when you agreed to the new plan you agreed to let go of it. If it isn't available anymore as a term of offer it may not be recuparable  The customer service may however potentially provide another promotion or alleviate in some possible way the inconvenience of change of plan if un-recuperable this is at their discretion.


All I can say about this is that Fido is usually very understanding and diligent and that they will make every effort to solution your problem.



1 Look at your agreement

2. Is it in store or online?

3. Take note of your interactions for what, names dates expectations, trails when you speak with someone and follow up during business days hours.


I hope this sincerely helps you 

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Hello @zhxinyun 

I hope you were able to resolve  issues with Fido.


If there is anything else please let us know.


All the best,