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Charged setup service fees

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Hello, my friend just referred me to buy fido sim and we went to the store to get the sim. The store guy said nothing about my setup service charges while explaining billing. It's $50, it's only been few dats days and I got $100 bill, this is not ethical or acceptable. If guy would have said I would be charge $50 extra over my desired plan I wouldn't have bought this card.

Is this normal practice here? Not telling about hidden charges and be surprised when the bill comes? Highly disappointed 



Hey @imjimil


I'm sorry if there was any confusion regarding this charge! 
The $50 Service Setup Fee is always applicable for new activations or upgrade, as it helps cover the cost associated with activating your device or service on our network. Currently this fee is waived for customers who activate or upgrade their device online. 
It should always be mentioned, and it also appears on your documentation.