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Changing credit card

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Why is this so difficult update or change credit card  on the Fido website ?

First we try to update our account on line. Doesn't work.

Second we phone and update our details. 

8 days later our account is de activated and the monthly refill isn't taken.

We go back on line and get that stupid error message " Oops there seems to be an error"

Today we go to a Fido shop ( 2 great very helpful guys) unfortunately despite talking to " back office" and giving them our new details we are advised to phone helpline in 3 days to confirm everything is updated.



Can you imagine having to do this with say your Amazon account ?


I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I have the same problem with updating card details for auto-payment.  I just got a new credit card a few days ago and have been trying to update it through the Fido website but it keeps sending an 'Oops!' message.  I've tried refreshing the browser and logging in again.  I have until July 1st before my current plan expires, but I might use up the balance before then. Could somebody please help fix this for me?


Also, am I going to get charged $10 for assistance?  Because the fact is I have no option but to ask for assistance. It's not like I was too lazy or obtuse to try using the self-service portal.


I would also like to add that this is my first time using the forums to try and solve an issue.  I looked all over the website trying to find contact details for customer support like any normal/traditional business would have, but I guess this forum is Fido's chosen format.  I appreciate your intention of sharing information openly, but it's not very clear at all that this is the first port of call for assistance. Furthermore, the benefit of having an open forum vs private messages is rendered moot when (as I saw in the case of other related threads) the issue still needed to be handled directly/privately by Fido staff.  It's not as though I could look through any of those threads for a solution and follow the instructions to fix the problem myself.

Hey @VeryFrustrated


Welcome to the Community. Very_Happy


I totally understand it can be irritating to get an error message when trying to update your information online.


Don't worry, we're here to help!


This forum is mostly used for customers to help other customers and sharing tips and tricks. 


If you go to our contact us page, click to get help for your Fido services and scroll down past the option for the Community forum, you'll see all our customer service contact methods which are :

- Live Chat

- Support via Social Media (Twitter DM or Facebook Messenger)

- Dialing 611 from your Fido phone or 1‑888‑481‑FIDO (3436) from any phone.


When it comes to the $10 account handling fee, it isn't charged for reaching out, but for certain transactions done with customer service only (unless the customer isn't able to proceed on their end).

Therefore, don't hesitate to contact customer service for help!


Alternatively, I can also send you a PM here if you prefer. Smiley

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Hello Valerie,


In short I ended up calling Fido (after making sure that I wouldn't get charged for the call since I'm trying to reserve my remaining $5 of credit for emergency use until this debacle is sorted out). 


For the benefit of other forum users, the problem seemed firstly to be that the existing card number registered needed to be cancelled (apparently this is not possible via self-service).  However it transpired that my Fido account doesn't include my middle name while the name registered with my credit card does, so the new number wasn't accepted (strangely this was not a problem when I registered my former credit card number). It takes 24 hours for the changes to take effect so I'll need to wait for a follow-up call tomorrow from Fido to get the actual credit card number changed.  We'll see if it works then.


As a side note, my complaint about website design and support service accessibility still stands.


There is nothing listed underneath the community forum link if I navigate to the 'Contact Us' page that you linked.  Above the link to the community forum, there's a button 'How can I get support online' but if I click that, I get redirected to the self-service page.  Below that, there's a link labelled 'My Fido Services' which is what you were referring to in your post, since it directs to a page which lists 'Live Chat' and the other options. If I click directly on this 'Live Chat' link, scroll down the page and click 'chat now', it directs me to a 'virtual assistant' named AskJACK which is nothing more that a bot that serves up a pop-up menu version of the website.  Hence my username.


With regards to the other listed option, as a matter of principle I don't use social media for non-social purposes.


I suggest that whoever is responsible for Fido's website design label buttons/links properly to reflect the actual content that they link to (which is something all four labels mentioned in bold failed to do), or better still place Fido customer support contact information on the main page so people don't have to navigate through at least four ambiguously labelled pages to figure out how to speak to an actual human.


@FidoValerieand the helpful staff member who answered my call, I'm not annoyed at you.  I'm annoyed at the webmaster and/or their management for making it as difficult as possible to seek technical help, and I don't want other Fido users to have to go through the same ordeal.  I'm not sure where to submit this complaint, so feel free to forward it to the relevant parties.


Thank you for sharing your tips and your feedback. Smiley

We hear you, and we're always looking to make improvements wherever we can!


When it comes to Live Chat though, once you speak with ASKJACK, you can ask simple questions to get redirected to the most relevant pages on our website, but you also get the option to speak directly with a representative.


Same goes for people who reach out through private messages on social media.


That being said, I'm glad to know you got the assistance you needed over the phone!

Cheers. Very_Happy

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hey @SimonAitch,


I'm really sad to read that you went through all that trouble to update your credit card information, it's definitely not the experience we want you to have! Sad


What I can suggest for the future when encountering trouble on our website are the following troubleshooting steps:


1. Try a different browser.

2. If that doesn't work, clear the cache and cookies, restart the browser and then try again.


I'll be happy to take another look at your account to make sure everything's updated properly now.


Sending you a PM, talk soon!







I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Any update on this Claudia ? I sent you the information yesterday morning.

Hey @SimonAitch


We replied to your PM yesterday. I'm sending you one now to continue with you. Talk to you soon.