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Caution: scam texts with code

Hi all, just a heads up that there's scam texts out that are coming in as a fido code. Usually it's what you get when you have a 2 factor sign in. Do not do anything, or to be safe,  it might be time to change your Fido password if someone else is trying to access your account. Be safe out there 


It's coming as a short code 6508

Hello Original_Lucy,


  Thanks for the head's up! It is always good to be cautious and aware of potential SCAM and SPAM attempts. However, it's possible those codes you received were innocent customers mistakenly entering their information when requesting their code. I believe those codes are used to sign on to the My Account app. In order to receive that code, customers are required to enter their phone number (see here). Since users enter their phone number to request the verification codes, it's possible that other customers have incorrectly entered their own phone numbers. A mis-typed phone number would be received by customer with that phone number and not the one trying to actually get the code.


  If people are concerned, they might consider changing passwords, etc as you suggested, though.


Hope this helps 😀




Thanks for that explanation @Cawtau. I was concerned about it because I received 3 notices in a row. It may have been a coincidence or mistake that someone put in my mobile number, but it did give me pause for concern. I appreciate the possible explanations. Cheers