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Fido Satisfaction Guarantee is fraud? I want to submit a complaint. How to?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I purchased a Google Pixel 7 pro with a Fido plan with 0% APR from a Fido Store at Fraser St, Vancouver on 13th January 2023. I was not satisfied with the phone, so went to return (actually exchange)  the phone to the Fido store just the next day I purchased it. The phone was in its original condition with all accessories. It meets Fido's return condition. So, according to Fido Satisfaction Guarantee, they should return the phone with no penalty fee. The store guy take a return but I had to pay 100$ penalty fee! I asked for an exchange with another device but he said even if I get a new device from them I have to pay the penalty fee! 

I believe Fido Satisfaction Guarantee is a fraud commitment. If you guys can help me in this regard I would really appreciate you. I want to submit a complaint to Fido, could anyone let me know how to do? Thanks so much.



Hello @mmfuad,


Sorry to hear about the experience you had with the store, if you are within the 15 days period and you are doing an exchange then there should not be any fees unless you are returning to get a different phone and that phone costs more then you will have to pay the difference.


Was it a Fdo corporate store or was it a third-party location? Either way, they should have just exchanged the phone I would suggest you go back and ask to speak to a manager and if they are still telling you that you need to pay a fee I would also suggest calling customer service while you are at the location.