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Carry forward of any unused Data in the current to the next billing cycle

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Hello Fido,

I came across a lot of queries/requests from various customers on earlier occasions regarding: the "Carrying forward of any unused Data in the current billing cycle to the next billing cycle". However, I saw responses from the Fido Moderators that the feedback was noted and would be forwarded to the appropriate team/authority. But didn't see any updates in that aspect from any such team, that acted upon the user's feedback!!!

Can you please let me know if any action is being taken in that direction? Or was it just ignored?


If any action or thought was/is put in that direction, things would have definitely progressed forward and updates should have been sent to the customers in this regard! As nothing of that sort happened, it means that no action was taken in regards to those requests!

FYI: Following are the links to some of those requests:


There is no cost involved in saving these details at all!!!

If any one argues that there will be an extra burden or cost involved in implementing the request, that is utter nonsense and not true!!!

It is just a small logic/calculation change, without any additional burden or change to the database details/implementation!

Whatever fields you are using to track the current month's implementation, the developer/database developer will be using the same field(s)... no extra field(s) need to be added!!!


Instead of storing just the "Total Current month's data/the Remaining data for the Current month", you can update the same field to store the "Total of the "Current Month's data" + the "Remaining data from the Previous month". Everything else will remain the same!

Also you can put a cap on the Total number of months the data could be accumulated: 3 months or 4 months worth of data! (For example: If a user is provided with a quota of 2GB/Month as per their plan, then they could be able to carry forward the data only until it reaches a limit of maximum 6GB or 8GB, any data accumulated more/beyond that would expire). In that way everyone will be happy!!!

You need not bother that customers would keep accumulating the data forever!

And the customers also would be happy that they would be able to accumulate data at least for 3-4 months and thus would be a good value for their money!!!


Let Fido show the good way to other service providers which would definitely follow you in this aspect, by taking a step forward!

Rather than you following the nonsense ways, where other providers go!!!



Hello @NagaSrinivasan

We do appreciate your suggestion here and we are always working on new promotions.


Even without having the data brought over to your following cycle, there are still benefits on having data with Fido. All our Fido Pulse plans come with 5 extra hours of data: 1 hour, 5 times per billing cycle. That's not something that was always offered and this can help you a lot with your data usage.


We have a team who is constantly working on new promotions.. For any change or upcoming offers, I invite you to keep an eye on our promo page here.


I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

@FidoKenny I think we are talking about two different things!


May be!, both options.....seem to be related to the Customer satisfaction factor! But in fact are not!


The one you are mentioning as a promotion, is about the ways of making more and more money from the customers with "All our Fido Pulse plans come with 5 extra hours of data: 1 hour, 5 times per billing cycle"!

That "1 hour, 5 times per billing cycle", is like a CARROT shown to woo the customers to get them off the track and finally end up getting beaten up with a STICK! 😂


What I proposed is a NO EXTRA COST version either to FIDO or to the Customer! But will definitely end on a happy note with respect to both the customer and FIDO!

Even though the unused data accumulates, still that excess quota will expire if its beyond the 3 or 4 month's capacity! In that way FIDO can be happy and even the customer!!!